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                      World >> National

                      TCM Can Be Used Safely to Fight Epidemic with Lab Evidence: Expert

                      Some traditional Chinese medicines have long been used clinically and once evidence is available in the lab that they stop the novel coronavirus from entering cells or reducing the cytokine storm, they can be used safely in treating coronavirus infected p

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-19 11:59

                      China's Chang'e 4 Probe Resumes Work for 15th Lunar Day

                      The lander and rover of the Chang'e 4 probe have resumed work for the 15th lunar day on the far side of the moon after sleeping during the extremely cold night.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-19 11:56

                      Front-line Medical Staff Assured Their Families Will Be Cared for

                      Families of medical staff who are fighting the novel coronavirus pneumonia will be taken care of by governments or other social groups if they need help.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-19 11:38

                      Coronavirus Infections Continue Daily Drop outside Hubei

                      With an increase of 1,749 over the course of Tuesday, total infections of the novel coronavirus on the Chinese mainland have reached 74,185, according to the National Health Commission.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-19 11:34

                      New Infections of NCP Drop for 14th Consecutive Day outside Hubei

                      China's daily new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus pneumonia outside Hubei, the epicenter province of the outbreak, have dropped for 14 consecutive days.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-18 13:21

                      Annual 'Two Sessions' May Be Delayed Due to Epidemic

                      China's two sessions, the country's biggest annual political event, may be postponed this year due to the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-18 13:10

                      Majority of Novel Coronavirus Patients Nationwide Receive TCM Treatments

                      More than 85 percent of novel coronavirus pneumonia patients nationwide have received Traditional Chinese Medicine as a means of treatment, the National Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine said on Monday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-18 13:03

                      WHO-China Expert Team Begins Coronavirus Field Inspections

                      A joint expert team consisting of experts from China and the World Health Organization Monday began field inspections on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus outbreak, a Chinese health official said Monday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-18 12:51

                      5G Technology Powerful Weapon in China’s Fight against Epidemic

                      The 5G technology is playing an increasingly significant role in China’s recent battle against the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) epidemic.

                      Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-17 17:11

                      Novel Coronavirus Severity in Patients Drops Significantly

                      The severity rate of people infected with the novel coronavirus has seen a significant decrease nationwide as of Saturday midnight, according to the country's health authority on Sunday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-17 17:01

                      Post-Spring Festival Trips Down 82%

                      There will be no peak period during this year's 40-day Spring Festival travel rush, which will end on Tuesday, due to the ongoing novel coronavirus, the Ministry of Transport said over the weekend.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-17 16:58

                      First Antiviral Drug Approved to Fight Coronavirus

                      Favilavir, formerly known as Fapilavir, an antiviral that has shown efficacy in treating the novel coronavirus, was approved for marketing, the Taizhou government in Zhejiang province announced Sunday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-17 16:55

                      Recovery Rate Boosted by Better Treatment for Critically Ill

                      A senior National Health Commission official said Saturday that the bolstered efforts to treat critically ill patients have helped boost the recovery rate for the novel coronavirus pneumonia.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-16 13:35

                      No Return Travel Peak Expected as Holiday to End Soon

                      There won't be a travel peak for returnees in a traditional sense as this year's Spring Festival travel season is coming to an end soon, according to the vice-minister of transport Liu Xiaoming.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-16 13:33

                      Nation's Youngest Coronavirus Patient Cured and Released from Hospital

                      A 67-day-old baby on Saturday became China's youngest novel coronavirus pneumonia patient to be cured and discharged from hospital so far.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-16 13:25

                      Some Coronavirus Vaccine Varieties Undergoing Animal Testing

                      China has put some varieties of the vaccine for the novel coronavirus into animal tests as researchers are making their utmost efforts to shorten the development time period, a senior official with the Ministry of Science and Technology said on Saturday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-16 13:24

                      Governments Take Steps to Ensure Steady Farm Product Supply

                      Central and local level governments will gather information on the production, sale, storage and processing ability of agricultural products across the country to ensure sufficient supply of necessities and maintain market stability, according to the Mini

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-15 13:56

                      Masks, Goggles and Alcohol Wipes Become Hot Valentine's Day Gifts

                      With shops closed and theaters empty due to the coronavirus outbreak, lovers have been exchanging face masks and sanitizers on Valentine's Day rather than letters and chocolates as tokens of love.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-15 13:45

                      1st Child with Critical Condition Recovers

                      The first child diagnosed with critical novel coronavirus pneumonia on the Chinese mainland has recovered and was discharged from a hospital in Wuhan, Hubei province, on Thursday.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-15 13:43

                      Cabin Hospitals See Good Treatment Results, Says Health Official

                      The use of cabin hospitals won't result in cross infection while it has achieved a good performance in treating the novel coronavirus pneumonia, a senior national health commission official said on Saturday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-15 13:40

                      China Thanks Global Community for Its Support

                      China on Thursday commended people across the world, especially those young people who support the Chinese people in combating the novel coronavirus, expressing gratitude for their kindness and compassion.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-14 11:17

                      1st Mainland Child Diagnosed with Critical Novel Coronavirus Recovers

                      The first child diagnosed with critical novel coronavirus pneumonia on the Chinese mainland has recovered and was discharged from a hospital in Wuhan, Central China's Hubei province, on Thursday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-14 11:14

                      209 Leading TCM Experts Direct Cabin Hospital in Wuhan

                      The team consists of 209 TCM experts from first tier hospitals in Tianjin, East China's Jiangsu, Central China's Henan and Hunan and North China's Shanxi provinces.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-14 11:08

                      Smart Tech System Helps Communities Ward off Virus

                      China's tech powerhouses are lending a helping hand in community management as the stringent supervision of population flows becomes critical to prevent the further spread of novel coronavirus pneumonia.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-14 11:03

                      Chinese Scientists Divided on Official Scientific Name for Novel Coronavirus

                      Chinese scientists are divided on the official scientific name of the novel coronavirus, with supporters saying the name is descriptive and follows typical classification practices, while others claiming it could easily be misunderstood and abused to caus

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-13 11:04

                      Officials Strive to Ensure Sufficient Overseas Flights

                      China's civil aviation authority has been stepping up efforts to ensure sufficient international flights to meet people's travel and business demands amid the ongoing novel coronavirus outbreak.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-13 11:00

                      No Evidence Found of Mother-to-baby Transmission

                      Although infection by the novel coronavirus may have adverse effects on newborns, recent medical research has yet to confirm mother-to-baby transmission.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-13 10:54

                      Revised Diagnosis Criteria Leads to Surge in Confirmed Cases

                      A revision in the diagnosis criteria for the novel coronavirus pneumonia in Hubei province has resulted in a sudden surge in the number of confirmed patients in the province on Wednesday, the provincial health commission said on Thursday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-13 10:51

                      China Advises Domestic Companies Overseas to Tighten Management on Work

                      China urged domestic companies conducting overseas business to tighten their management on the resumption of work, take epidemic prevention measures and make emergency plans, according to the Ministry of Commerce.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-12 11:12

                      Medical Workers Will Receive More Support

                      China unveiled measures on Tuesday to beef up support for medical workers devoted to curbing the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak, including steps to improve their working conditions and ensure their mental and physical health.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-12 11:06

                      Scientists Busy with Research into Source of the Outbreak

                      The Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan, Hubei province, where the novel coronavirus outbreak was first reported, lies only about 800 meters from Hankou Railway Station, one of the busiest in the city.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-12 10:58

                      New PolyU System Can Detect Virus in an Hour

                      Hong Kong Polytechnic University announced on Tuesday it has developed new testing system for diagnosing the novel coronavirus within one hour.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-12 10:52

                      Nationwide Efforts to Fight Epidemic Shows China’s Sense of Responsibility to World

                      China’s nationwide efforts in fighting the novel coronavirus epidemic show the country’s capability, strength and confidence in defeating the epidemic and its sense of responsibility to the world.

                      Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-11 12:01

                      Researchers Discover Unusually Large Bird Wing in Dinosaur-era Amber

                      BEIJING -- An international team of researchers announced Monday that they have discovered an amber containing parts of an unusually large ancient bird wing dating back around 99 million years.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-11 11:51

                      Novel Coronavirus Vaccine Starts Animal Trials

                      A candidate vaccine targeting the novel coronavirus has been tested on animals, according to a report Monday on news portal yicai.com, citing sources with the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-11 11:41

                      Chinese Scientist Awarded UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in Life Sciences

                      Chinese Nobel laureate Tu Youyou has been awarded the UNESCO-Equatorial Guinea International Prize for Research in the Life Sciences for her research into parasitic diseases.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-11 11:39

                      China's Mask Production Recovering as Work Resumption Quickens

                      China's mask production capacity is recovering steadily as producers race to resume production in full gear to ensure enough supply for control of the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-10 13:55

                      Chinese E-commerce Platforms Play Active Roles in Battle against Novel Coronavirus

                      Since the pneumonia outbreak caused by the novel coronavirus in China in late December 2019, e-commerce platforms in the country have taken active moves to help the country tackle the crisis, working hard to ensure timely supply of items for daily use as

                      Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-10 13:52

                      Govt to Ramp up Production of Essential Goods, Medical Supplies

                      China is ramping up efforts to speed up production and increase the market supply of necessities and medical products as part of its larger efforts to fight the coronavirus outbreak, said the country's top economic regulator.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-10 13:43

                      Government Works to Increase Access to Medical Supplies

                      China is working hard to increase medical supplies and daily necessities and is calling on more companies to return to full production after the holiday as part of its broader drive to fight the novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-10 13:34

                      Second New Wuhan Hospital Starts Receiving Patients

                      The second makeshift hospital built to accommodate patients suspected of the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan received the first batch of patients on Saturday night.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-09 14:51

                      Foreign Politicians, Experts Confident about China's Battle against Coronavirus Outbreak

                      Politicians and specialists worldwide have voiced their confidence that China will win battle against the novel coronavirus outbreak and appreciated China's measures in curbing the epidemic.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-09 14:36

                      Solidarity, Cooperation Indispensable to Battle against Novel Coronavirus

                      In the face of public health crisis, all countries should unite as one and cooperate with each other to ride out the storm.

                      Source: People's Daily|2020-02-09 14:28

                      Latest Epidemic Data Indicate Stronger Screening, Testing Capabilities

                      The total number of confirmed nationwide cases of the novel coronavirus has surpassed total suspected cases for four consecutive days and the gap keeps widening, signifying stronger screening and testing capabilities.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-09 14:01

                      Pangolins a Potential Intermediate Host of Novel Coronavirus: Study

                      The genome sequence of the novel coronavirus strain separated from pangolins was 99 percent identical to that from infected people, indicating pangolins may be an intermediate host of the virus, a study has found.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-08 15:09

                      Recovery Figures Show Positive Signs in Coronavirus Fight

                      Severe or even critical patients infected with the novel coronavirus will be able to recover under positive medical treatment.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-08 15:06

                      'Cabin Hospital' Model Receives Praise in Virus Containment

                      Establishing mobile cabin hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei province, is an effective way to increase admission capacity of patients infected with novel coronavirus, an official with the National Health Commission said on Friday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-08 15:00

                      More Flights Dispatched for Retrieving Stranded Chinese

                      Xiamen Airlines has dispatched 10 more flights to Manila, the Philippines to retrieving stranded Chinese on Wednesday, the second such move after sending a flight each to Bangkok, Thailand and Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia on Jan 31.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-08 14:33

                      Chinese Hospitals Launch Free Online Medical Consultation to Ease Pressure

                      More Chinese hospitals have launched free online medical consultation services to relieve pressure on hospitals and reduce the chance of cross infection amid the novel coronavirus spread.

                      Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-07 13:25

                      China Asks Businesses to Resume Operation Orderly

                      Chinese authorities Thursday asked businesses outside Hubei Province to resume operation in an orderly manner while continuing to fight the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-07 13:16

                      Despite Coronavirus Outbreak, China Will Continue to Advance

                      For a nation, the greatest glory consists not in never falling, but rising when it falls.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-07 13:15

                      Wuhan Mourns Death of Doctor Who Warned of Virus

                      The Wuhan government released a notice, mourning the doctor who sounded an early warning about the novel coronavirus outbreak and died of the disease.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-07 13:12

                      Chinese Researchers Develop Efficient Hydrogen Production Method from Industrial Waste

                      Chinese researchers have developed a new method to produce hydrogen from the industrial waste of sulfureted hydrogen, according to a recent study paper published in the journal Energy and Environmental Science.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-06 13:44

                      PLA Logistics Force Swings into Action to Boost Flow of Medical Supplies

                      The People’s Liberation Army Joint Logistic Support Force has been making all-out efforts to purchase materials badly needed in the fight against the ongoing novel coronavirus epidemic.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-06 13:42

                      First Long March 5B Rocket Arrives at Launch Center

                      The first Long March 5B carrier rocket arrived at the Wenchang Space Launch Center in Hainan province on Wednesday for prelaunch preparations.

                      Source: China Daily Global|2020-02-06 13:33

                      Death Rate from Coronavirus Pneumonia Dropping

                      The death rate from pneumonia caused by the novel coronavirus on the Chinese mainland has declined by 0.2 percentage points and now stands at 2.1 percent, an official said.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-05 11:21

                      China Strengthens Epidemic Prevention Measures in Spring Festival Travel Rush

                      China has taken measures to improve novel coronavirus prevention work and ensure safe travels during the Spring Festival travel rush as people are returning to work after the holiday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-05 11:16

                      Huoshenshan Hospital Now Treating Novel Coronavirus Patients

                      By Tuesday night, 45 patients have been transferred to Huoshenshan Hospital, one of two hospitals in Wuhan, Hubei province, built to contain patients of the novel coronavirus outbreak, Xu Dixiong, deputy head of the hospital, said in an interview with CCT

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-05 11:14

                      Intl Community Praises China's Response to Novel Coronavirus

                      Intl community praises China's response to novel coronavirus.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-05 11:11

                      Health Commission Releases New Coronavirus Numbers

                      The Chinese mainland added 3,235 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus on Monday, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 20,438, the National Health Commission said.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-04 15:25

                      Central Government Offers Favorable Policies, Funds to Fight Epidemic

                      Several departments of China's central government have rolled out favorable policies or provided funds for local governments and individuals to fight the new coronavirus, an official with the National Health Commission (NHC) said Monday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-04 15:22

                      China's Lunar Rover Travels 367 Meters on Moon's Far Side

                      China's lunar rover Yutu 2 (Jade Rabbit 2) has driven 367.25 meters on the far side of the moon to conduct scientific exploration.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-04 15:21

                      China Speeds up Air Transport of Emergency Supplies

                      China's civil air transport is playing its role in delivering emergency supplies to help fight the novel coronavirus epidemic.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-04 15:05

                      Foreign Ministry to Hold Daily WeChat Briefings on Coronavirus

                      The Chinese Foreign Ministry will hold daily news briefings online starting Monday due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus in China.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-03 14:18

                      China Taking Strong Measures against Wild Animal Trade

                      China will step up efforts to enhance supervision to prevent the shipment and sale of wild animals as preventive and control measures to curb the spreading of the novel coronavirus, according to the State Administration for Market Regulation.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-03 14:15

                      Number of Returning Holiday Travelers Plummets, But Public Disinfections Up

                      With the end of the extended Lunar New Year holiday on Sunday and a large number of travelers hitting the road or boarding flights, China has stepped up disinfection, ventilation and screening measures in public spaces to contain the novel coronavirus out

                      Source: China Daily|2020-02-03 14:13

                      China Can Contain Outbreak as It Has Mobilized Entire Nation, Report Says

                      Chinese government can manage to contain the outbreak of the new coronavirus, which was first reported in Wuhan, Hubei province, and has spread to other parts of China and foreign countries.

                      Source: China Daily Global|2020-02-03 14:08

                      China’s Economy Shows Strong Resilience Despite the Epidemic Outbreak

                      Following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, China is now facing obstacles that may hinder its economic development in a short run, but the country’s economy will show strong resilience and will not be severely slackened, said experts.

                      Source: People's Daily Online|2020-02-02 17:01

                      More Cities Seek to Build Xiaotangshan-style Hospitals

                      More cities have issued plans to build a Xiaotangshan-style hospital to ease the shortage of beds for patients infected by the novel coronavirus after Wuhan, the center of epidemic, has done so.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-02 16:51

                      Authority Provides Multilingual Coronavirus Prevention Knowledge to Foreigners

                      China's National Immigration Administration has issued a guideline for novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) prevention in six languages including English, Russian, French, German, Japanese and Korean, for foreigners in China.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-02 16:48

                      PLA Medical Personnel to Run New Wuhan Hospital Starting Monday

                      Medical personnel from the People's Liberation Army will take over a newly-constructed hospital in Hubei province's Wuhan dedicated to novel coronavirus-caused pneumonia.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-02 16:45

                      Phone Numbers Required to Buy Train Tickets Starting Saturday

                      Starting on Saturday, passengers will be required to provide their phone numbers when buying train tickets as part of the country's efforts to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus, according to the country's top railway operator.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-02-01 16:26

                      First Batch of Charter Flights Brings Back 199 Stranded Hubei Residents

                      The first batch of charter flights sent by the Chinese government Friday evening brought back 199 stranded Hubei residents from overseas following the novel coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-01 16:14

                      China Builds More SARS Treatment-model Hospitals to Fight Epidemic

                      More hospitals designed to replicate the SARS treatment model are popping up across China as the country mobilizes medical resources nationwide to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-01 16:11

                      China Further Extends Holiday in Coronavirus Hard-hit Regions

                      China's central authorities approved Friday further extending the Spring Festival holiday in the novel coronavirus hard-hit Hubei Province to curb the outbreak.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-02-01 16:09

                      Intl Community Praises China's Response to Novel Coronavirus

                      Intl community praises China's response to novel coronavirus.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-31 17:39

                      China to Continue Work with WHO, Countries to Safeguard Health

                      China has confidence and capability to win the battle against the epidemic caused by the novel coronavirus, the Foreign Ministry said on Friday after the World Health Organization declared the pneumonia outbreak in China a public health emergency of inter

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-31 17:37

                      2 Flights Set to Return Wuhan Travelers Overseas to China

                      The Civil Aviation Administration of China has arranged two flights on Friday to bring back Wuhan travelers who remain abroad due to the city's lockdown amid the novel coronavirus outbreak.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-31 17:25

                      China Says Has Full Confidence, Capability to Control Epidemic

                      China has full confidence and capability to win the fight against the novel coronavirus epidemic, a foreign ministry spokesperson said Friday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-31 17:20

                      Railway Corporation Using Big Data to Trace Potential Virus Carrier

                      China Railway Corporation has set up a big data group to help find passengers who took the same railway compartment as people who have contracted the novel coronavirus.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-30 17:15

                      WHO Head Praises China's Response to Novel Coronavirus

                      WHO head praises China's response to novel coronavirus.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-30 16:55

                      World Shows Support for Wuhan and China

                      Amid a surge in the number of coronavirus cases — the total surpassed 7,000 on Wednesday — people outside China have shown empathy and support for China in fighting back against the outbreak. Boeing will donate 250,000 medical-grade respiratory masks to

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-30 16:50

                      Xi Encourages Unity against Coronavirus

                      Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, issued an instruction regarding the novel coronavirus on Monday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-28 15:43

                      Health tips for Spring Festival holiday

                      Have you made travel plans for the upcoming Spring Festival holiday? Health issues should not be underestimated if you have. Here are some tips for a healthy trip during the traditional Chinese festival from experts at the Chinese Center for Disease Contr

                      Source: govt.chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-25 10:57

                      Passenger Trips Total 758m since Start of Spring Festival Travel Rush

                      The number of passenger trips rose 2.5 percent year on year to 758 million in the first 10 days of the Spring Festival travel rush, official data showed.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-22 10:39

                      Construction of China's Longest Undersea Subway Tunnel Completed

                      Construction of the longest undersea subway tunnel in China was completed Monday in Qingdao, a coastal city in Shandong province.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-22 10:36

                      China's International Journal Satellite Navigation Launched

                      A new English publication offering scientific research in the field of satellite navigation has just been launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Springer Nature.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-22 10:34

                      Land-sea Trade Corridor Boosts Western Regions

                      In early November, a batch of fresh Musang King durian fruit still in their hard skins arrived in Chongqing from Malaysia. They sold out immediately.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-01-22 10:33

                      China to Lift Remaining Poor Population out of Poverty

                      China will strengthen efforts in poverty alleviation this year, aiming to lift the remaining poor counties and people under the current standard out of poverty, according to a State Council executive meeting held on Monday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-21 10:25

                      Job Growth Strong in 2019 Due to Healthy Demand, Govt Policies

                      Growth in the nation's employment showed surprisingly good performance in 2019 thanks to growing domestic demand and sound implementation of supportive State-level policies.

                      Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-01-21 10:23

                      Academy Supports More Labs for Frontier Science

                      The Chinese Academy of Sciences will support more labs and major projects in frontier sciences, expand international collaboration with other countries and share its data and solutions via more robust and open cloud-based platforms this year, senior scien

                      Source: China Daily|2020-01-21 10:22

                      Scientists' New Research Provides Insights on Controlling 'Mile-a-Minute' Weed

                      New research conducted by Chinese scientists has revealed the molecular mechanism of the environmental adaptation and rapid growth of a weed, Mikania micrantha, providing insights on how to prevent its invasion.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-21 10:20

                      China Simplifies Passport Renewal, Replacement Process for Citizens Abroad

                      Starting Feb 1, Chinese citizens abroad will be able to apply for the replacement or reissue of their passports at any overseas Chinese embassies or consulates, said the Director-General of the Foreign Ministry's Department of Consular Affairs Cui Aimin o

                      Source: CGTN|2020-01-20 14:09

                      More Young Chinese Opting for Flexible Jobs and Working from Home

                      For a certain number of young Chinese, most of whom are under 30 years old, spending their lives commuting between home and office to work for other people is increasingly being seen as too mundane.

                      Source: China.org.cn|2020-01-20 14:08

                      Railway Trips Exceed 100m since Spring Festival Travel Rush

                      Railway trips have exceeded 100 million in China as of Saturday since the beginning of the Spring Festival travel rush, data from the national railway operator showed Sunday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-20 14:05

                      Lunar Probe to Visit Unexplored Region

                      The next mission in China's lunar exploration program-Chang'e 5-will land a probe on an area never reached by astronauts or spacecraft and is expected to bring back at least 1 kilogram of samples, a project insider said.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-01-20 14:01

                      Premier: China Has Confidence in Meeting Economic Challenges

                      China has the confidence and the ability to meet challenges this year to keep its economy in the proper range and to make continued social progress, Premier Li Keqiang said on Friday in Beijing when meeting with foreign experts working in China.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-01-19 10:35

                      China Reveals Space Plan for 2020

                      China will smash its record for space launches in 2020.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-19 10:33

                      More Trains Added on Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-Speed Rail to Meet Demand

                      Three more pairs of trains were added Friday to the high-speed railway line connecting Beijing and Zhangjiakou, the co-host city of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, to meet increasing demand, according to China Railway Beijing Group Co., Ltd.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-19 10:31

                      China Continues Efforts to Eradicate Waste Imports

                      China will make an all-out effort to realize zero import of solid waste by the end of this year as it ramps up the upgrading of recycling companies and encourages them to turn to domestic alternatives, an environmental official said.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-19 10:29

                      China to Promote Online Petitions Handling

                      China plans to promote the reform of its petition system to deal with more cases online, according to a national conference attended by chiefs of local petition-handling administrations.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-16 11:20

                      China's First Psychological Aid Center for Police Opens in Beijing

                      China's first center offering psychological aid for police officers opened in Beijing on Tuesday, the capital's Public Security Bureau said.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-16 11:19

                      CPPCC Holds Spring Festival Reception for Widows of Late Luminaries

                      China's top political advisory body Wednesday held a Spring Festival reception for widows of late luminaries.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-16 11:17

                      China's First Civilian HD Mapping Satellite in Service for Eight Years

                      China's first civilian high-definition mapping satellite Ziyuan III 01 has celebrated its 8th birthday in orbit.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-16 11:16

                      China's Social Insurance System Remains Stable

                      China's social insurance system remained stable in 2019, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-15 11:48

                      Chinese Scientists Develop 'Armor' against Herbicides for Crops

                      Chinese scientists have developed a protective agent that can reduce the effects of herbicide on crops, according to the Hefei Institutes of Physical Science, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-15 11:47

                      High-speed Railway Benefiting Migrant Workers in Travel Rush

                      China's fast-expanding high-speed railway network is helping Wu Aiping, a 50-year-old worker in east China's Anhui Province, reunite with his family sooner than ever.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-15 11:45

                      China's Spring Festival Gala to Dazzle Viewers with New Technologies

                      The upcoming annual Spring Festival gala will bring television audience new viewing experiences by using 5G, virtual reality and higher-definition display technologies, said the China Media Group (CMG) Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-15 11:44

                      Scientists Produce Images of Most Distant Known Blazar

                      A team led by Chinese astronomers has produced high-resolution images of the most distant known blazar, which they say could help study the evolvement of galaxies born in the early universe, said an article published this week by Nature Communications.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-14 11:17

                      China's Foreign Trade Rises 3.4% to 32t Yuan

                      China's foreign trade volume in 2019 stood at 31.54 trillion yuan, growing 3.4 percent year-on-year, data released by the General Administration of Customs show.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-14 11:16

                      China Has 39 Mega Airports with Passenger throughput Over 10 Million

                      China had 39 mega civil airports each with annual passenger throughput exceeding the 10-million mark in 2019, according to civil aviation authorities.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-14 11:13

                      'Reverse' Holiday Travel Can Save Money

                      Every Chinese New Year, cities such as Beijing and Guangzhou — which sustain millions of jobs — empty out, as people working or studying return to their smaller hometowns for family reunions.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-01-14 11:12

                      Penalties Heightened for Sttacks on Police

                      Anyone who attacks a police officer on duty will be given heavier punishment under the law as a new guideline took effect to better protect officers and curb violence against them.

                      Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-01-13 11:11

                      Chinese Hospital Cures Patients with 3D-printed Implants

                      Chinese doctors in Beijing have successfully carried out a surgical operation to replace three tumor-eroded thoracic vertebrae with customized 3D-printed implants.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-13 11:07

                      China's First Type 055 Destroyer Nanchang Commissioned

                      The Nanchang, China's first Type 055 guided-missile destroyer, was commissioned in the People's Liberation Army Navy on Sunday morning in the port city of Qingdao, East China's Shandong province.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-13 11:01

                      FAST Telescope Begins Operations in Guizhou

                      China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope, the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, passed national evaluation on Saturday and has officially begun operations.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-13 11:00

                      China Issues Early Warning on Road Safety for Spring Festival Travel Rush

                      The Ministry of Public Security on Wednesday issued an early warning to raise awareness of road safety during the Spring Festival travel rush that begins Friday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-10 10:59

                      High-speed Rail Network Adopts E-ticket System

                      All high-speed railway stations will allow passengers to use electronic tickets as part of the effort to streamline boarding procedures and improve service amid robust traffic during the upcoming Spring Festival travel rush, the national railway operator

                      Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-01-10 10:58

                      School Nutrition Project Improves Students' Physical Well-being

                      While cooking mushrooms and leafy greens on a stovetop, Wu Kejian explained to 50 students attending a catering class how to make a nutritious meal with less oil and salt.

                      Source: China Daily Global|2020-01-10 10:56

                      Land Placed in Zone for Protection of Environment

                      The Tibet autonomous region listed nearly half its land area under the strictest ecological supervision in 2019, according to the ongoing regional people's congress that kicked off on Tuesday.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-01-10 10:54

                      Campaign Launched to Ensure Security of Spring Festival Travel Rush

                      China's railway public security authorities have launched a campaign to ensure security during the travel rush for the upcoming Spring Festival, which falls on Jan 25 this year.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-09 10:49

                      Sufficient Supplies of Pork Coming for Spring Festival

                      China has taken a range of steps to secure a sufficient pork supply for the coming Spring Festival feasts-supporting hog production, slaughtering more pigs and releasing more reserves of frozen meat to replenish the market.

                      Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-01-09 10:47

                      Projects Promoting High-quality Grain Make Progress

                      More than 3,800 projects to promote the supply of high-quality grain had been completed across China by the end of last year, accounting for almost half the planned total, the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration said.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-09 10:46

                      China's Flagship Maritime Patrol Vessel to Serve Greater Bay Area

                      China's first maritime patrol ship with a tonnage exceeding 10,000 tons is being built and will be operated by the Guangdong Maritime Safety Administration when commissioned, officials of the administration said Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-09 10:44

                      Top Procuratorate Stresses Stronger Action on Crimes against Women, Children

                      The Supreme People's Procuratorate (SPP) and the All-China Women's Federation have jointly issued a circular calling for stronger action on crimes that infringe on the rights and interests of women and children.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-08 11:39

                      Chinese Authorities Further Regulate Childcare Institutions

                      A new regulation will help strengthen supervision over China's childcare institutions and facilitate the high-quality development of childcare service sector, Health News reported Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-08 11:38

                      New Method Helps Monitor Aircrafts in Extreme Temperatures

                      Chinese researchers have developed a new measuring method for aircraft working in extremely high temperatures, according to its developer.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-08 11:37

                      China Successfully Launches New Communication Technology Experiment Satellite

                      China sent a new communication technology experiment satellite into space from Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan Province at 11:20 p.m. (Beijing Time), Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-08 11:36

                      Chinese Doctors Perform Robot-assisted Brain Angiography

                      A team of Chinese doctors have successfully conducted the country's first robot-assisted brain angiography in a Beijing hospital, Science and Technology Daily reported Monday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-07 14:04

                      Chinese Research Vessel Returns from Probe in Western Pacific

                      Chinese research vessel Kexue, or Science, returned to its homeport in the eastern city of Qingdao on Sunday after finishing a research mission in the western Pacific Ocean.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-07 14:01

                      Couriers May See Delivery Surge in 2020

                      China's courier industry is expected to handle 74 billion parcels this year, according to the country's postal service regulator, an average of 52 deliveries per person.

                      Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-01-07 14:00

                      Govt to Free 20,000 Tons of Pork Reserves

                      China will release another batch of 20,000 tons of pork reserves to stabilize prices for the upcoming Spring Festival holiday, according to the website of China Merchandise Reserve Management Center on Thursday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2020-01-07 13:58

                      Main Section of Expressway Linking 2020 Winter Olympics Cities Completed

                      A main section in Hebei province of an expressway linking Beijing and Zhangjiakou, the co-host cities of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, has passed completion tests, authorities said.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-06 14:02

                      China's Heaviest Satellite Positioned in Geosynchronous Orbit

                      China's heaviest and most advanced satellite, Shijian 20, reached its fixed position in geosynchronous orbit Sunday, marking the first successful flight of DFH-5 satellite platform, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-06 14:00

                      China Improves Groundwater Monitoring System

                      China has successfully completed its national groundwater monitoring project, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-06 13:59

                      Grid Live Working Robots in Service in North China

                      Grid live working robots have been put into service in North China's Tianjin Municipality, replacing humans in the dangerous work on high-voltage power lines.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-06 13:57

                      Last Village Without a Road Is Connected to the Outside World

                      Qiesha Secong, a 30-year-old resident of Abuluoha village in Sichuan province, sold his family's only horse early last month.

                      Source: CHINA DAILY|2020-01-03 14:16

                      China's Quantum Satellite Links with World's First Mobile Ground Station

                      China's quantum satellite -- Quantum Experiments at Space Scale (QUESS) -- has successfully linked up with the world's first mobile quantum ground station and conducted an encrypted data transmission in Jinan, Shandong province.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-03 14:14

                      China's Railways Report 3.57b Passenger Trips in 2019

                      The number of passenger trips served by China's railways reached 3.57 billion in 2019, up 7.7 percent year on year, according to the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-03 14:12

                      China's Lunar Rover Travels over 357 Meters on Moon's Far Side

                      China's lunar rover Yutu 2 has driven 357.695 meters on the far side of the moon to conduct scientific exploration of the virgin territory.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-03 14:11

                      County Shows Way to Win Poverty Battle

                      In an ancestral hall in Xiaying, a village in Jiangxi province, Wang Shengdi, 83, and Li Fengying, 81, blew out the candles on a cake together to celebrate their December birthdays.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-01-02 14:17

                      China Starts 10-year Fishing Ban on Yangtze River

                      China on Wednesday began a 10-year fishing ban on key areas of the Yangtze River to protect biodiversity in the country's longest river, according to the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-02 14:14

                      Upgraded Power Grid Benefits about 9m People in Xinjiang

                      A total of 2,481 poverty-stricken villages in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region have had their power grid upgraded since March 2018, according to the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd.

                      Source: Xinhua|2020-01-02 14:12

                      Chinese Vaccine for HPV Approved

                      China has approved its first domestically made vaccine against the cancer-causing human papillomavirus for use by females aged 9 to 45, providing an alternative to foreign drugmakers' products, according to the National Medical Products Administration.

                      Source: China Daily|2020-01-02 14:11

                      China Plans to Spend 800b Yuan on Railway in 2020

                      China is expected to spend about 800 billion yuan (about $114.36 billion) on railway investment in 2020, the Ministry of Transport (MOT) said.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-31 14:04

                      Barrier-free Access Improves for China's Disabled: Report

                      China has on Sunday released a blue paper on efforts made for handicapped people, highlighting improvements in the barrier-free environment across the country.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-31 14:03

                      Mega Bridge Opens to Traffic in Southwest China

                      With the highest concrete bridge tower in the world, Pingtang Bridge in Southwest China's Guizhou province on Monday opened to traffic, according to local authorities.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-31 14:00

                      Xinjiang's First Solar Thermal Power Station Operational

                      The first solar thermal power station in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region went into operation Sunday night.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-31 13:59

                      Chats and Microblogs to Count as Evidence in Civil Lawsuits

                      Information posted on social media platforms such as Sina Weibo and conversations on instant messaging tools like WeChat will be accepted as digital evidence by Chinese courts hearing civil lawsuits.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-30 11:03

                      Record 2.96m Yuan Paid for First Catch of Winter Fishing Season

                      The first catch of the fishing season - a 13-kilogram fish - set an auction record of 2.96 million yuan ($423,000) at the opening ceremony of the annual fishing and hunting festival on frozen Chagan Lake in Northeast China's Jilin province on Saturday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-30 11:01

                      Chinese Medical Team Provides Free Healthcare in Southern Togo

                      The 23rd Chinese medial team to Togo on Saturday provided free consultations and healthcare to agricultural populations of Kpele-Akata, about 150 km northwest to the capital Lome.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-30 10:59

                      ETC Payment Slated to Ease Holiday Traffic

                      The popularization of the automatic payment service nationwide will greatly improve the efficiency of road transport during this year's Spring Festival travel rush, the country's transportation authority said on Friday.

                      Source: CHINA DAILY|2019-12-30 10:57

                      China's Flu Vaccine Supply Can Meet Demand

                      The supply of flu vaccines can meet demand in general across the country as China is entering the peak season for flu, according to the top health authority.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-27 14:20

                      China Adds 8,000 Km of Railways in 2019

                      China is expected to add about 8,000 km of railways this year, with its investment in fixed assets in the transport sector estimated at over 3.2 trillion yuan ($457.5 billion) in 2019.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-27 14:19

                      China Sees Improved Air Quality: Official

                      China has seen notable improvement of air quality in key regions thanks to its efforts in air pollution control since the beginning of the year, environmental authorities said Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-27 14:18

                      Ministry Improves Environment along Yangtze River

                      The Ministry of Water Resources has cleared almost 1,400 sites where garbage had been dumped along the watercourse of the Yangtze River and demolished 710 construction projects that intruded into the country's longest water body, a senior official said.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-27 14:17

                      China Develops Robot for High-end Display Production Line

                      China has developed a robot that can be used in the production line of organic light-emitting diode panels, according to its developer.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-26 14:47

                      China's Taiji-1 Satellite Successfully Passes In-orbit Tests

                      China's first satellite to conduct experiments on key technologies related to space-based gravitational wave detection, Taiji-1, has successfully completed its in-orbit tests, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-26 14:46

                      China Braces for World's Biggest Travel Rush around Spring Festival

                      China's Spring Festival travel rush-the world's biggest annual human migration-will soon kick off and is set to be bigger than ever, with about 3 billion trips expected to be made, according to the country's top economic planner.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-26 14:45

                      Govt Continues Pouring Funds into Pollution Fight

                      China has continued to increase funding to treat pollution and restore nature reserves over the past three years, according to a report submitted to the ongoing bimonthly session of the National People's Congress Standing Committee for review on Wednesday

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-26 14:42

                      5G Network to Cover All China's Prefecture-level Cities by End-2020

                      China will step up infrastructure development of 5G next year, according to a meeting by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-25 14:06

                      Nearly Half College Students Read Less than 30 Minutes Daily: Survey

                      China's college students don't spend enough time on reading, according to a survey conducted by youth.cn, a news outlet under the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-25 14:04

                      Over Half of Chinese Consumers Would Pay for Green Packaging

                      More than 50 percent of Chinese consumers are willing to pay a modest fee for eco-friendly packaging used by e-commerce retailers, a recent survey showed.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-25 14:02

                      More Cross-Straits Flights Added for Spring Festival

                      Civil aviation authorities on the mainland and Taiwan agreed to add extra flights across the Taiwan Straits for Spring Festival in January and February to meet the demands of Taiwan residents on the mainland to return home during the holiday, the Civil Av

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-25 14:01

                      Social Security System Could See Expansion

                      For decades, Chinese people prized government-funded jobs for the stability and social security that came with them, even if it meant earning a lackluster salary.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-24 14:13

                      Relocation Programs Accelerate China's Campaign against Absolute Poverty

                      Authorities in Southwest China's Guizhou province announced Monday that they have completed a large-scale program of relocating some 1.88 million poor residents to places with better living conditions, marking an important step forward in China's fight ag

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-24 14:09

                      65% of Chinese Used Time Wisely in 2019: Survey

                      A total of 65 percent of respondents said they were satisfied with their performance in time use over the past year, according to a recent survey by the China Youth Daily.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-24 14:08

                      China to Cut Corporate Power Use Cost by 64.1b Yuan This Year

                      China is expected to cut the burden of electricity costs by around 64.1 billion yuan (about $9.2 billion) for industrial and commercial businesses this year, according to the State Grid Corporation of China.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-24 14:05

                      Chinese Vice Premier Stresses Pork Supply for Upcoming Holidays

                      China will take multiple measures to meet pork consumption demand in the upcoming New Year and Spring Festival holidays and strive to keep pork prices stable, according to a recent meeting on restoring hog production.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-23 13:42

                      Third Long March 5 Mission to Begin Soon

                      China will conduct the third mission of its largest and mightiest carrier rocket-Long March 5-around the end of this year, the China National Space Administration said.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-23 13:40

                      Social Science Majors Grow in Popularity

                      Social science majors have become more attractive to postgraduate candidates than those in science and engineering in recent years, a new report showed.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-23 13:39

                      Draft Law Proposes More Emergency Rescue Equipment at Public Places

                      Necessary emergency rescue equipment and facilities should be available at public places across China, according to a draft law submitted to China's top legislature for review on Monday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-23 13:37

                      2021 China Flower Expo Unveils Official Song, Logo and Flower

                      The 10th China Flower Expo, which will be held on Shanghai's Chongming Island in 2021, unveiled its theme song, logo and official event flower – the peony - on Thursday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-20 10:02

                      China to Promote 'Healthy China' through Science Popularization Publications

                      The latest move by the China Population Publishing House to promote a healthy China and popularize science was launched Wednesday in Beijing, according to a national health newspaper on Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-20 10:00

                      Chinese Customs Intercepts over 600 Tonnes of Solid Waste

                      Customs officers in the coastal city of Dalian in Northeast China's Liaoning province intercepted over 600 tonnes of smuggled solid waste and arrested three suspects on Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-20 09:59

                      Land Use Changes to Lift Hog Production

                      The production of hogs should get a boost with the recent release of a document allowing the construction of larger agriculture-related facilities.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-20 09:57

                      Postgraduate Entrance Exam Receives Record Applicants

                      A total of 3.41 million people have applied for the postgraduate entrance examination, which will begin on Saturday and last until Monday, for the 2020 academic year, according to the Ministry of Education.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-19 14:06

                      3b Trips Expected during Spring Festival Travel Rush

                      About 3 billion trips are expected to be made during the world's largest annual human migration — the Spring Festival travel rush, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-19 14:05

                      China to Regulate Online Education Enrollment

                      Chinese colleges and universities are required to formulate and issue regulations on online education enrollment, according to a guideline issued by the Ministry of Education Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-19 14:03

                      Traveling Against Holiday Rush Encouraged as Chunyun Draws Near

                      While it is most often the case for Chinese people who work or study in large urban areas to leave for their smaller hometown across the country for a family reunion, they are encouraged to choose a reverse route this year.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-19 14:02

                      Asphalt Roads Will Soon Reach All Administrative Villages

                      All administrative villages in China will have access to asphalt roads by the end of this year as part of efforts to lift more rural areas out of poverty, according to the country's transportation authority on Tuesday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-18 14:31

                      China to Establish Government Service Rating System

                      The Chinese government will set up an assessment system through which the public and enterprises can rate services provided by the government.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-18 14:30

                      BRI Countries Work Together to Meet Sustainable Development Goals

                      Countries involved in the Belt and Road Initiative are making a collaborative effort to meet the United Nation's 2030 Sustainable Development Goals after more than 20 countries agreed on a set of data-based evaluation standards on Tuesday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-18 14:29

                      Center Releases Media Buzzwords for 2019

                      China's National Language Resources Monitoring and Research Center unveiled the top 10 media buzzwords for 2019.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-18 14:27

                      China Sets Timetable for National Vaccine Tracking System

                      China has required the completion of a national vaccine tracking system before March 31, 2020, to enable the whole-process traceability of all vaccines on the market, according to a recent circular.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-17 14:00

                      Core of Beidou Navigation Satellite Network in Place

                      The core space-based network of China's Beidou Navigation Satellite System has been completely deployed, which is expected to tremendously improve the system's capability to serve users around the world.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-17 13:58

                      Rare Crane Spotted in S China for First Time

                      Grus leucogeranus, or Siberian crane, was spotted for the first time in South China's Guangdong province, according to local researchers.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-17 13:57

                      Boom in Online Sales of TCM Products

                      What happens when traditional Chinese medicine meets the internet?

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-17 13:56

                      China to Establish Big Data System for Comprehensive Transport by 2025

                      China will establish a big data system for comprehensive transport by 2025, according to an outline released by the Ministry of Transport Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-16 10:50

                      China Expected to Lift over 10m out of Poverty in '19

                      China is expected to lift over 10 million people out of poverty by the end of 2019, a senior official said Sunday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-16 10:49

                      China's Marine Economy Sees Steady Growth

                      China's gross ocean product rose 6.3 percent to nearly 6.4 trillion yuan (about 909.1 billion U.S. dollars) in the first three quarters, official data showed.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-16 10:47

                      Stability, GDP Get Top Priority for Year ahead

                      China's top priority for economic work in 2020 is to complete the building of a moderately prosperous society in all respects, as regulators lay out supportive policies, policymakers and analysts said over the weekend.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-16 10:46

                      China to Launch First Private 5G Satellite

                      China's first private 5G low-orbit broadband satellite has passed factory tests and is expected to be launched at the end of the year.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-13 14:07

                      China Plans Space Program to Search beyond Solar System

                      China has started preliminary research for a futuristic scientific program scheduled to be launched around 2030 to search for potentially habitable planets outside our solar system, according to a key figure in the nation's space industry.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-13 14:05

                      Yutu 2 Is Now Longest Working Rover on Moon

                      China's Yutu 2 rover has been in operation on the lunar surface for more than 340 days, becoming the longest working rover on the moon, according to the China National Space Administration.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-13 14:03

                      China Coast Guard Emergency Hotline Ensures Safety at Sea

                      The China Coast Guard Thursday said its emergency hotline has been operated smoothly since the service was launched in July.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-13 14:01

                      China Goes Green in Power Generation

                      China took a green path in power generation during the 2014-2018 period, with the continuous expansion of clean energy production, the fourth national economic census showed.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-12 14:10

                      Chinese to Travel to More Overseas Destinations during Spring Festival Holiday

                      Chinese tourists will travel to more overseas destinations during the Spring Festival holiday in 2020, said a report released by the country's largest online travel agency Trip.com Group.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-12 14:08

                      China Witnessing Fastest Growth of Forest Resources in the World

                      The national forest coverage, which reached 220 million hectares last year, has seen a consistent growth in the past 30 years, making China the country with the fastest growth of forest resources in the world, according to the national forest resource man

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-12 14:06

                      Target Almost Met as 10.97 Million Jobs Created by End of September

                      China is expected to see a steady and continuous rise in employment in the following months despite being plagued by shortage of talent and precarious foreign trade landscape.

                      Source: China Daily Global|2019-12-12 14:05

                      Civil-use Observation Satellite Sends back 1st Detailed Images

                      China's best optical Earth observation satellite for civil use has started operations and has sent back more than 14,000 images, according to the China National Space Administration.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-11 15:21

                      Legal Cooperation Strengthened with Other Countries

                      China will deepen high-level exchanges between ministries of justice across the world and enhance cooperation in legal and judicial fields, Minister of Justice Fu Zhenghua said.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-11 15:14

                      440m Railway Trips Expected for 2020 Spring Festival

                      About 440 million trips are expected to be made by rail during the Spring Festival travel rush this year, according to the national railway operator on Wednesday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-11 15:13

                      Chinese Spend over $28b on Cats and Dogs in 2019: Report

                      Urban residents in China are estimated to spend a total of 202.4 billion yuan (about 28.8 billion US dollars) on their pet cats and dogs in 2019, up 18.5 percent year on year, according to a report jointly published by Goumin.com and Pet Fair Asia.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-11 15:12

                      Chinese Vice Premier Stresses Stronger Meteorological Services

                      Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua on Monday underscored providing stronger meteorological services for sustained and sound economic development and social stability.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-10 11:34

                      National Oil and Gas Pipeline Network Launched

                      China on Monday officially launched its long-planned national oil and gas pipeline network company, as part of the country's ongoing oil and gas reforms to help meet the nation's increasing energy needs.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-10 11:31

                      Xiongan Going Green with Transportation

                      Green transportation will account for 90 percent of all transport in Xiongan New Area in North China's Hebei province over the next five years, forming a green transportation system in the new area, per a recently released guideline on the area's traffic.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-10 11:29

                      Chinese Women Enjoy Improving Employment Conditions: Report

                      The environment for Chinese women in the workplace further improved last year, official data showed.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-10 11:27

                      Body for Belt, Road Lawyers Launched

                      The Belt and Road International Lawyers Association was launched by the All China Lawyers Association in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, on Sunday to promote legal cooperation among countries and regions involved in the Belt and Road Initiative.

                      Source: China Daily Global|2019-12-09 13:43

                      Majority of Chinese Consumers More Focused on Quality: Survey

                      About 95.5 percent of 2,007 respondents said they pay more attention to the quality of the products and services than ever before, according to a recent survey conducted by China Youth Daily.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-09 13:41

                      Dinosaur Footprints Found in Ancient Chinese Imperial Resort

                      Paleontologists announced Friday the discovery of numerous dinosaur footprint fossils dating back to the Jurassic period in the former royal summer resort in North China.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-09 13:40

                      Snow Leopard Spotted in Panda's Core Habitat

                      Infrared cameras have captured images and videos of a snow leopard in the Wolong National Nature Reserve, the reserve's management authorities said.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-09 13:38

                      China's Chang'e-4 Mission Awarded Mission Prize by Moon Village Association

                      China's Chang'e-4 mission was awarded the Moon Village Principles - Mission Prize by The Moon Village Association (MVA) at a symposium held in Tokyo Thursday, becoming one of the first projects to win the award.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-06 14:04

                      Scientists Identify Ancient Mammals with Separate Hearing, Chewing Bones

                      Scientists in China and the United States reported a mammal living more than 120 million years ago, which provides evidence for separation of hearing and chewing modules in the evolution of therian mammals to which all extant mammals, including human bein

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-06 14:03

                      Consensus Sought on Climate Change Mitigation Measures

                      China will make all-out efforts and demonstrate the utmost sincerity to help reach consensus on some of the more technical details of the 2015 Paris agreement at the ongoing United Nations climate change conference in Madrid, a senior Chinese delegate sai

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-06 14:01

                      City, County Officials Encouraged to Meet with Public over Concerns

                      Leading officials at city and county levels are encouraged to meet members of the public in person and resolve difficulties raised by them promptly, a senior Party official said.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-06 13:59

                      China to Set up Agricultural High-tech Zones

                      China will establish around 30 agricultural high-tech industry demonstration zones by 2025 so they become agricultural Silicon Valleys to boost the development of modern agriculture and support the rural rejuvenation strategy, the Ministry of Science an

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-05 12:02

                      State-owned Company Building Nation's Largest Research Ship

                      China State Shipbuilding Corp is constructing the nation's largest and most advanced research vessel, according to project leaders.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-05 12:00

                      Customs Intercepts 10,000 Tons of Illegally Imported Solid Waste

                      Over 10,000 metric tons of scrap waste imported from overseas was intercepted by customs authorities in Hebei province and shipped out of the country on Dec 1.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-05 11:58

                      Meteorological Officials Prepare for Timely Games Weather Predictions

                      Meteorological departments in Beijing and Hebei province have prepared enhanced weather services to support the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, Zhang Zuqiang, spokesman for China Meteorological Administration, said on Wednesday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-05 11:57

                      Young People Key Group for Receiving Education on Nation's Constitution

                      Young people are a key group for receiving education about the Constitution and should be cultivated with the spirit of the rule of law, said Minister of Justice Fu Zhenghua.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-04 14:16

                      Agriculture Ministry: Boosting Pork Production Is Top Priority

                      Increasing pork production and supply will be the top priority for agricultural authorities in the following year to ensure pork production can rebound close to the level before outbreaks of African swine fever occurred, the Ministry of Agriculture and Ru

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-04 14:13

                      China's Large Buoy Working Ship Delivered

                      China's large buoy working ship Xiangyanghong 22 was delivered to the East China Sea Branch of the State Oceanic Administration in Shanghai Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-04 14:11

                      Main Structure for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Village Completed

                      The main structure has been completed for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Village, as confirmed by Beijing Major Projects Construction Headquarters Office on Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-04 14:09

                      China's Long March-8 Rocket Successfully Passes Engine Test

                      China has successfully tested the second stage engine of the Long March-8 rocket, preparing for its maiden flight in 2020, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-03 11:30

                      Mainland Social Insurance to Cover HK, Macao, Taiwan Residents

                      Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan residents who work, study or live on the Chinese mainland will be eligible for the national social insurance as of next month.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-03 11:29

                      China Selects Outstanding Grass-roots Police Officers

                      China has selected 30 outstanding grass-roots police officers, plus five awardees of special respect and 35 for nomination awards.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-03 11:28

                      Internet Enterprises Pledge to Step up Fight against Dishonesty

                      Thirty-two internet enterprises, including e-commerce giant Alibaba, promised to make their businesses more creditable on Monday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-12-03 11:26

                      China's First Electromagnetic Satellite Bears Fruitful Results

                      China's first seismo-electromagnetic satellite Zhangheng 1 has obtained fruitful electromagnetic data, according to the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-02 12:03

                      China Tightens Rules on Road Transport of Dangerous Goods

                      Nearly 3 million metric tons of dangerous goods are transported across China every day, and authorities planned to make the transportation safer through stricter rules.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-02 12:02

                      Greater Bay Area Sees Influx of Talent

                      The economic vitality and sound infrastructure of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area is helping it attract more talent and become one of China's strongest talent banks.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-12-02 11:59

                      China Makes Headway in Vocational Education

                      China has made remarkable progress in advanced vocational education, according to an evaluation report published on the Ministry of Education's website.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-12-02 11:42

                      China's Meat Imports to Top 6m Tons in 2019

                      China will further encourage meat imports, allowing the total to potentially exceed six million tons this year, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-29 10:25

                      China Plans New Meteorological Satellites

                      China has started the design of Fengyun 5 meteorological satellites and the third generation polar orbit meteorological satellite observation system, according to the Science and Technology Daily Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-29 10:24

                      610-m-yr-old Embryo Fossils Found in China

                      A class of Ediacaran fossils dating back 610 million years was found in Weng'an Biota in Southwest China's Guizhou province, which foreshadows the evolutionary origin of animal-like embryology.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-29 10:22

                      Nation Will Continue to Back Rural Land Deals

                      China will continue to protect the stability and consistency of rural land contracts and protect farmers' interests, according to a new guideline from the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-29 10:20

                      China Launches Mobile Number Portability Program

                      China launched a mobile number portability program across the country Wednesday, allowing cellphone subscribers to switch service carriers without changing phone numbers, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-28 14:24

                      Chinese Vessel Starts Research Expedition in East Indian Ocean

                      Chinese oceanographic research ship Xiangyanghong 06 has set sail from the city of Zhoushan in East China's Zhejiang province to start a research expedition in the East Indian Ocean, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-28 14:17

                      China Will 'Energize' Marketplace

                      China is ready to make greater efforts to tackle difficulties faced by market players in business operations, aiming to foster a world-class, market-oriented business environment governed by a sound legal framework, the State Council's executive meeting,

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-28 14:15

                      China Launches New Earth Observation Satellite

                      China sent a new Earth observation satellite into space from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Northern China's Shanxi province at 7:52 am Thursday (Beijing Time).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-28 14:12

                      China's 'Artificial Sun' Device Set to Be Commissioned in 2020

                      The HL-2M Tokamak, China's next-generation artificial sun, is expected to be operational in 2020 as installation work has gone smoothly since the delivery of the coil system in June.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-27 11:39

                      World's Largest Shipbuilder Unveiled Following Merger

                      China Shipbuilding Corp was officially unveiled on Tuesday in Beijing as the world's largest shipbuilder.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-27 11:37

                      China on Rise in Frontier Science Fields

                      China is catching up with the United States in research contributions and activity in frontier sciences, and it currently leads the world in 33 out of 137 research topics in cutting-edge and new natural and social science fields, according to a report pub

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-27 11:36

                      New Dinosaur Species Found in North China

                      A tiny, bird-like theropod dinosaur found in North China has been identified as a new species, which will help scientists to better understand the evolution of dinosaurs, according to a research team, the thepaper.cn reported Tuesday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-27 11:34

                      China Expands High-standard Farmland to Ensure Grain Security

                      The area of China's high-standard farmland will total 1 billion mu(about 66.7 million hectares) by 2022 to supply 80 percent of the country's total grain output, authorities said Monday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-26 14:01

                      China Lauded for Vital Role in Radio Telescope Project

                      China has played a critical role in bringing expertise to the construction of the Square Kilometre Array project to create the world's largest and most advanced radio telescope, Philip Diamond, director general of SKA Organization, said at the opening cer

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-26 14:00

                      Goals Set for High-quality Farmland

                      The central government is setting specific goals and requirements for developing high-standard farmland, providing a solid basis to guarantee the country's food security.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-26 13:58

                      First-tier Cities Still Top Choice for Work

                      The average anticipated monthly salary of Chinese college graduates is 7,409 yuan ($1,054) and first-tier cities are still the top choice for job seekers, a new report on employment has found.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-26 13:56

                      China Allocates 61.6 Bln Yuan of Subsidies for 2020 Farmland Construction

                      China's central government has allocated a total of 61.6 billion yuan (about $8.8 billion) of subsidies for farmland construction in 2020, according to the Ministry of Finance (MOF).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-25 14:04

                      China's High-speed Railway to Stretch 35,000 Km by Year-end

                      China's high-speed railway network will continue to top the world with an estimated length of 35,000 km by the end of this year, said China Railway.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-25 14:03

                      Critically Endangered Bird Spotted in SW China

                      A white-bellied heron, also called Ardea insignis, a critically endangered bird species, was spotted and rescued in Southwest China's Yunnan province, local authorities said Saturday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-25 14:02

                      China's First Science Fiction Academy Set up

                      China's first science fiction academy was set up on Sunday by Sichuan University in Chengdu, Sichuan province, Xinhua News Agency reported.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-25 14:01

                      Pig Farmers Confident in Boosting Hog Production

                      Huang Xiuying, a pig farmer in Shanggao county, Jiangxi province, said she believes a hefty investment on upgrading her breeding farm made business sense and would eventually pay off.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-22 14:03

                      China, Japan, S. Korea See Air Pollutants Decline

                      Domestic emissions are major sources of air pollution in some Northeast Asian countries, though simulation models show that trans-boundary transport also plays a role, a recent report has found.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-22 14:02

                      2 Doctors on Flight Honored for Courageous Life-saving Acts

                      Two doctors who moved the public when one siphoned out urine with his mouth to save a senior patient on a flight have been honored by their hospitals, and one doctor will be awarded 100,000 yuan ($14,227.78) according to his hospital.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-22 14:00

                      China's Chang'e-4 Probe Resumes Work for 12th Lunar Day

                      The lander and rover of the Chang'e-4 probe have resumed work for the 12th lunar day on the far side of the moon after sleeping during the extremely cold night.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-22 13:57

                      China Releases 30-meter-resolution Global Forest Cover Map

                      China has achieved a 30-meter-resolution Global Forest Cover Map (GFCM) of 2018 for forest management, according to the Aerospace Information Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences on Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-21 13:54

                      Blood Donations to Be More Convenient, Rewarding

                      Voluntary blood donors may enjoy greater convenience and better rewards in China, according to a document released Tuesday, chinanews.com reported.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-21 13:53

                      China Steps up Efforts to Counter Child Abuse

                      Don't touch me, do you want to go to jail? said a second-grade girl at the primary school affiliated to Chen Jinglun High School in Beijing.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-21 13:49

                      China's Digital Technology Boosts Livestock Farming

                      Chinese experts have developed a digital farming technology to help herdsmen monitor their pastures, and manage livestock accurately.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-21 13:47

                      Ministry: Removal of TCM Universities from List Won't Affect Students' Licenses

                      The Ministry of Education on Monday dismissed worries that the removal of eight universities specializing in traditional Chinese medicine from the World Directory of Medical Schools would affect graduates' ability to obtain medical licenses.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-20 14:49

                      Chinese Peacekeepers Leave for South Sudan on One-year Mission

                      A contingent of 240 Chinese peacekeepers left Zhangjiakou, a city in northern China's Hebei Province, for South Sudan Tuesday on a one-year mission.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-20 14:47

                      China Now No 2 in Cited Scientific Papers

                      China has moved into second place, behind the United States, in the total number of top-cited scientific papers over the last decade and hot papers in the last two years.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-20 14:46

                      Manufacturing Complex for Carrier Rockets Nears Completion in Wuhan

                      A new manufacturing complex for carrier rockets will soon be built and start operation, according to a project insider with China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, the major investor in the base.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-20 14:44

                      China Ranks 1st in Number of Supercomputers

                      China boasts 228 supercomputers, the most in the world, while extending its lead in numbers, and shrinking the gap in aggregate performance with the US

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-19 14:22

                      China Solicits Designs for Environmental Protection Mascot

                      The Ministry of Ecology and Environment said Monday it has started seeking mascot designs from all over the world to promote the country's environmental protection.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-19 14:21

                      Chinese Vice Premier Stresses Efforts to Improve Rural Living Environment

                      Chinese Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua on Monday called for solid efforts to improve the rural living environment.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-19 14:19

                      Scientists Discover Giant Karst Sinkhole Cluster in China

                      A team of multinational scientists said they have discovered a giant cluster of karst sinkholes in South China's Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-19 14:18

                      China Sends Two Global Multimedia Satellites into Planned Orbit

                      Two global multimedia satellites were sent into planned orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Northwest China on Sunday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-18 14:27

                      Over 330,000 People Shake off Poverty in NE China Province

                      A total of 334,000 people in Northeast China's Heilongjiang province have bid farewell to poverty since 2017, according to the provincial poverty alleviation office.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-18 14:26

                      China to Further Strengthen Plant Diversity Conservation

                      China has issued a new plan for plant conservation from 2021 to 2030 to push for plant diversity protection, restoration and sustainable unilization, according to the China Wild Plant Conservation Association (CWPCA).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-18 14:25

                      China's Agricultural Ministry Urges Efforts to Restore Hog Production

                      China's agricultural ministry has urged all-out efforts in the country's nine provincial-level regions to restore hog production in a bid to stabilize pork prices.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-18 14:24

                      China to Launch Nationwide Vaccine Tracking System Next Year

                      China is expected to launch its nationwide vaccine tracking system in March next year, an official said Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-15 14:25

                      Chinese Police Shut down over 5,000 Fake Websites of Central Authorities

                      China has closed over 5,000 websites, 20,000 online accounts and 16,000 online groups faking central authorities to commit illegal activities since 2016, according to the Ministry of Public Security on Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-15 14:23

                      China Tests Unmanned Sailboat for Marine Monitoring

                      China has successfully tested an unmanned sailboat for monitoring marine environment, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-15 14:21

                      China Further Advances Law-based Governance: Report

                      Law-based governance has been further promoted in China with notable progress made in various areas, according to a report made public Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-15 14:20

                      China Sends Five Satellites into Orbit via Single Rocket

                      Five new remote-sensing satellites were sent into planned orbit from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in North China's Shanxi province Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-14 14:17

                      China Steps up Efforts to Ensure Pork Supply: Official

                      China has taken various measures to ensure pork supply and stabilize pork prices, an official said Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-14 14:16

                      China Does Key Test on Mars Probe Lander

                      China carried out a key experiment for its coming Mars mission in Hebei province's Huailai on Thursday in front of dozens of foreign diplomats and journalists.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-14 14:13

                      Beijing Expects over 130m Singles Day Deliveries

                      Beijing will handle an estimated more than 130 million mail and express deliveries in the week following the Singles' Day online shopping spree, according to the municipal postal administration.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-14 14:11

                      Xi Calls for Dialogues between Civilizations

                      President Xi Jinping called for dialogues between civilizations to promote inclusiveness, mutual learning and harmonious coexistence among countries, underlining the need for China and Greece to strengthen cooperation on heritage protection.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-14 14:04

                      China Set to Meet Hot Demand for Winter Heating Energy

                      China has enriched energy supply and reserves to meet the high demand for natural gas and coal during the winter heating season in northern regions, according to the country's top economic planner.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-13 13:54

                      Chinese Abroad Urged to Take Active Role in Bay Area Development

                      Overseas Chinese people are being encouraged to actively participate in the development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as the region creates greater business potential.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-13 13:52

                      Couriers Face Busiest Week of the Year after Festival

                      Couriers are expected to experience their busiest period of the year this week after the Singles Day shopping spree ended on Monday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-13 13:49

                      Maglev Trains Set to Make Their Mark

                      Plans for high-speed maglev lines with trains traveling at speeds of 600 kph or more are taking shape in more Chinese cities in a bid to boost regional integration and economic growth, transportation analysts said.

                      Source: China Daily Global|2019-11-13 13:48

                      Silk Road Forum Touts Potential Benefits of BRI

                      More than 300 scholars, government officials and international organization representatives from home and abroad shared their views and latest research on the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road at a forum in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, over the weekend.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-12 11:26

                      Guidelines for Proper Use of AI Explored

                      Artificial intelligence, the revolutionary, disruptive and diffuse technology that has been sparking controversy and awe since its inception over 50 years ago

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-12 11:23

                      More Crop Farmers Turning to Drone Use

                      An increasing number of drone operators are helping farmers across China harvest their crops, reducing the costs of pesticides and increasing yields.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-12 11:21

                      China Further Cracks down on Illegal School Buses

                      China's Ministry of Education on Monday issued a circular asking for stricter punishment on illegal school buses and related violations to ensure students' safety of daily commuting.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-12 11:19

                      Xi Requires All-around Progress in Military Development at Primary Level

                      Chinese President Xi Jinping has stressed efforts to promote all-round progress in developing the military at the primary level.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-11 11:17

                      Senior Official Stresses Rule of Law's Role in B&R Construction

                      Wang Chen, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China Central Committee and head of the China Law Society, on Sunday stressed that the rule of law is an imperative part in the construction of the Belt and Road (B&R).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-11 11:16

                      China Has 369,935 Companies Offering Language Services: Report

                      China had a total of 369,935 companies that offer language services by the end of June this year, according to a report released Saturday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-11 11:14

                      China's Spacecraft Tracking Ships Depart for Missions

                      China's spacecraft tracking ships Yuanwang-5 and Yuanwang-7 on Sunday set sail for the Indian Ocean from a port in East China's Jiangsu province for five upcoming satellite maritime monitoring missions.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-11 11:13

                      China to Establish National Platform for Education Survey Research

                      China will launch a national platform for survey research on the reality of the implementation of key national education policies and major education problems, according to a guideline released by the Ministry of Education Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-08 14:36

                      Guideline to Reduce Industrial Accidents

                      The Ministry of Emergency Management said all workers in high-risk industries will need to have vocational certificates by the end of 2021 because low-skilled workers are one of the main causes of industrial accidents.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-08 14:35

                      Website Offers Users Images of Earth

                      China has launched a website to give people around the world access to Earth images and planetary data generated by its Gaofen-series high-resolution Earth observation satellites.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-08 14:34

                      Record Number of Captive-bred Chinese Sturgeons Born in 2019

                      A total of 133,000 captive-bred Chinese sturgeons (Acipenser sinensis) were born this year in a research institute in Central China's Hubei province.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-08 14:32

                      China to Meet Challenges of Exploring Asteroid, Comet

                      Chinese space engineers are tackling the key technologies needed to explore a near-Earth asteroid and a main-belt comet with one space probe.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-07 14:00

                      China Renews Blue Alert for Typhoon Nakri

                      China's national observatory on Wednesday morning renewed a blue alert for Typhoon Nakri which is expected to bring heavy winds to parts of the country's southern region.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-07 13:59

                      Snowboard and Ski Slope Ready for Beijing Olympics

                      The Big Air snowboard and ski slope for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics completed construction on Oct 31 and was now ready to be used, according to the municipal government.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-07 13:56

                      Action Plan a Boost for Day Care Services

                      Choosing a day care center for her 2-year-old son proved a daunting challenge for Shanghai resident Wang Jie.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-07 13:55

                      China Reports over 26,000 Voluntary Organ Donation Cases by October

                      China recorded around 26,700 cases of voluntary organ donations from 2010 to the end of October this year, a health official said.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-06 13:57

                      Zhuhai Opens Training Center for Macao-bound Workers

                      A new training center for mainland workers who will work in Macao officially opened its doors after a grand ceremony at Zhuhai Technician College in the Zhuhai special economic zone of Guangdong province on Tuesday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-06 13:54

                      Shenzhen Opens up New Land for Innovative Development

                      Shenzhen has announced it will offer 35 land plots covering 30 square kilometers for industrial development, as the southern metropolis moves to attract more outstanding enterprises and projects to push forward growth.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-06 13:52

                      China Tests New Undersea Vehicle for Marine Environment Monitoring

                      China has tested a new autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for monitoring the marine environment in the South China Sea, according to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-06 13:50

                      China Allocates 100 M Yuan for Drought Relief

                      The Ministry of Finance allocated emergency funding of 100 million yuan ($14.2 million) for drought relief in five provincial regions in Central and Southwest China.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-05 13:58

                      Tibet Heavily Invests in Ecological Construction

                      China Tibet News has reported on the significant progress made in the Tibet autonomous region in ecological construction over the past 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-11-05 13:57

                      China Launches New BeiDou Satellite

                      China sent a new satellite of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System (BDS) into space from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center in Sichuan province at 1:43 am Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-05 13:56

                      Chang'e 4 Robotic Probe Begins 11th Dormancy on Moon's Far Side

                      China's Chang'e 4 robotic probe started its 11th period of dormancy on the moon on Monday morning after the Yutu 2 rover sent back pictures of its tracks around the landing site, according to the China National Space Administration.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-05 13:55

                      Chinese Workers Complete World's First Operation on 1100-kv DC Transmission Line

                      Chinese workers just completed a live-wire operation on the 1,100-kv direct-current transmission line in the city of Lu'an in East China's Anhui province, which is the first-ever case in the world.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-04 11:06

                      China Launches New Earth Observation Satellite

                      China on Sunday launched a new Earth observation satellite, Gaofen-7, which will play an important role in land surveying and mapping, urban and rural construction and statistical investigation, according to the China National Space Administration (CNSA).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-04 11:03

                      China Confident about Fulfilling Pledge on $30 Trillion of Imports

                      China is confident it can fulfill last year's pledge to import $30 trillion of goods in the next 15 years despite challenges from a slowing global economy, a senior official said over the weekend.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-04 11:01

                      Li Urges Improving Connection among SCO Members

                      Premier Li Keqiang called on Saturday upon member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization to move forward with development of interconnectivity networks and to improve the level of trade and investment facilitation to expand regional trade volume.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-04 10:58

                      Unified Standards Soon for Marine Equipment Makers

                      China will take more steps to standardize marine equipment manufacturing, improve the quality and competitiveness and encourage overseas participation, experts and officials said.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-01 10:39

                      Electric Delivery Vehicles to Be Monitored by GPS

                      Electric vehicles with two or three wheels used for takeout food and express deliveries in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, will have GPS positioning equipment installed to help monitor traffic violations.

                      Source: CHINA DAILY|2019-11-01 10:37

                      Shanghai to Strengthen World-class Sci-tech Exchanges

                      The 2nd annual forum of the World Laureates Association closed on Thursday in Shanghai with an initiative released to further promote international science and technology exchanges.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-11-01 10:36

                      Nation Ushers in 5G Commercial Service Era

                      China officially kicked off commercialization of 5G services on Thursday, with the nation's big three telecom operators rolling out their 5G data plans.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-11-01 10:34

                      Report: 5G a Key Component in China's Smart Shipping Ambitions

                      China is leveraging 5G technology to foster the development of intelligent port construction as it aspires to become a leading country in intelligent shipping, according to a report released on Friday at a shipping and innovation development conference in

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-31 10:51

                      Annual Awarding of Bizarre Science Hails Curiosity

                      Cat tongues are more efficient than brushes, longer vacations mean a longer life, and even dinosaurs suffered from neck arthritis - all this according to what is arguably the most bizarre science award in China, which once again paid its annual tribute to

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-31 10:49

                      Chinese Scientists Develop New Material for Treatment of Liver Cancer

                      Chinese scientists have developed a nanometer material that can be used for liver cancer treatment, according to the Suzhou Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Technology under the Chinese Academy of Sciences Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-31 10:47

                      Nation Aims to Expand Protected Area Management

                      China has established more than 11,800 protected areas covering 18 percent of its land area and 4.6 percent of its sea area, aiming to build the world's most expansive mechanism for the management of protected areas by 2025, authorities revealed on Wednes

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-31 10:45

                      School Canteens Open Kitchens for Public Supervision

                      About 84 percent of schools with canteens have opened their kitchens for public supervision, according to the Ministry of Education (MOE) at a press conference Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-30 11:18

                      State Council Approves Plan for Green Development of Yangtze River Delta

                      The State Council on Tuesday approved a plan for building a demonstration area in the Yangtze River Delta on ecologically friendly development.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-30 11:17

                      China Builds World's Largest Manned Submersible

                      China has developed and completed the manned cabin for a new deep-sea manned submersible capable of carrying three people deeper than 10,000 meters, according to media reports.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-30 11:16

                      Facial Recognition Tech to Be Applied at Subways

                      The Beijing subway system will apply facial recognition technology to passenger security checks to improve transport efficiency, a senior official from the Beijing transport authority said on Tuesday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-30 11:14

                      China Drawing up Plan for Manned Lunar Exploration

                      China is carrying out in-depth demonstration and long-term planning for its manned lunar exploration, and has formed an overall consensus and a preliminary plan, according to a senior space engineer.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-29 11:51

                      China's 1st Four-seat Electric Aircraft Makes Successful Flight

                      China's first four-seat electric aircraft has completed a successful flight in Shenyang Tuesday morning, marking the birth of a new aircraft product and the nation's leading position in electric aircraft development.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-29 11:50

                      China to Further Expand TCM Services

                      All Chinese citizens are expected to be able to enjoy traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) services in their communities by 2022, according to a recently issued guideline.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-29 11:47

                      Eating, Drinking to Be Banned on All Subways

                      Eating and drinking on the subway has long been a contentious issue in China. While many have expressed annoyance at the scent and sight of food and wrappers in train cars, quite a few also support the right to munch on snacks during long commutes to work

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-29 11:46

                      China's Space Telescope Opens New Window to Observe Black Holes

                      China's first X-ray space telescope has helped scientists open a new window to observe and better understand bizarre celestial bodies like black holes and neutron stars.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-28 11:32

                      Third Long March 5 Awaits Final Test

                      The third Long March 5 carrier rocket was transported to Wenchang, Hainan province, on Sunday and will undergo final tests before its launch, the China National Space Administration said.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-28 11:30

                      Daxing International Airport Unveils Streamlined Customs System

                      Projected to be among the world's busiest civil aviation hubs, Beijing Daxing International Airport on Sunday greeted its first international passengers with a streamlined customs service, which has cut quarantine-inspection and luggage-clearance times.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-28 11:29

                      Fishing Industry Brings Fortune to Island Residents

                      In recent years, Weihe, a village on an island in Weishan Lake, has become a well-to-do settlement, where the average annual per capita income is 30,000 yuan ($4,230).

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-28 11:27

                      Fifth C919 Jet Completes Maiden Test Flight

                      The fifth prototype of China's large passenger airliner C919 completed its maiden flight at an airport in Shanghai on Thursday morning.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-25 11:30

                      Chinese Marine Research Vessel Returns after Deep-sea Exploration

                      Chinese marine research vessel Haiyang 6 (Ocean 6) has completed its deep-sea exploration mission in the Western Pacific ocean after 122 days and 35,000 km at sea.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-25 11:29

                      China's Plateau Province Records 1,340 Medicinal Plants

                      A total of 1,340 medicinal plants have been discovered in a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) resources survey in Northwest China's Qinghai province, according to local authorities.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-25 11:27

                      Top Legislator Stresses Closer Ties between Lawmakers, People

                      China's top legislator has called for closer ties between lawmakers and the people, and further efforts to improve the mechanism regarding deputies to people's congresses in the new era.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-25 11:26

                      China Issues Guideline for Enhancing Ethnic Unity

                      The General Offices of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee and the State Council have published a guideline for enhancing ethnic unity.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-24 11:11

                      China Pilots National Plan for Youth Development at County Level

                      China began piloting the national plan for medium- and long-term development of young people in counties and county-level cities and districts, the China Youth Daily reported Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-24 11:09

                      Lunar, Mars Exploration Missions Set for Next Year

                      Chinese scientists are determined to carry out two of the nation's most challenging space endeavors next year: its Chang'e 5 lunar mission and first Mars exploration.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-24 11:08

                      Airlines Moving Flights to New Daxing Airport

                      Beginning on Sunday, 15 airlines - seven domestic and eight foreign - will start operating from Beijing Daxing International Airport, according to the airport authority.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-24 11:06

                      Chinese Courts Conclude over 10,000 Organized Crime Cases

                      Chinese courts have concluded 10,859 cases of organized crime since the country launched a campaign to fight such offenses at the beginning of 2018, said a criminal report by China's top court released on Monday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-23 11:26

                      International Communication Forum Showcases China's Development to World

                      The Third 21st Century Maritime Silk Road China (Guangdong) International Communication Forum officially kicked off in Zhuhai, Guangdong province, on Tuesday, with an aim to showcase the peaceful development of China to the world.

                      Source: China Daily Global|2019-10-23 11:23

                      China Mulls Jurisdiction of Macao's Port Zone at Hengqin to Macao SAR

                      China's top legislature on Monday started reviewing a draft decision on authorizing the jurisdiction of Macao's port zone at Hengqin port and extended areas in south China's Guangdong province to the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-23 11:22

                      China's National Parks Enjoy Better Ecological Environment

                      China saw improving ecological environment in pilot areas of national parks amid strengthened efforts of protection, said the country's forestry authority.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-23 11:16

                      Employment Rate on the Rise

                      The nation's employment rate steadily increased over the past three quarters thanks to the growing economy and employment-priority policy, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security on Monday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-22 11:21

                      Tibet Suspends Entry Fees for Winter Tourist Season

                      The ancient Potala Palace in Lhasa, the Tibet autonomous region, attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims every year, and they have to make reservations a few days in advance to get a ticket, especially during the peak summer season.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-22 11:20

                      Trains Reach Record Speed in Beijing-Zhangjiakou Test Run

                      Trains running on the Beijing-Zhangjiakou High-speed Railway reached a record speed of 385 kilometers per hour, 10 percent higher than the designed speed, in a test run carried out on Sunday

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-22 11:17

                      Draft Would Grant Police the Power to Rehabilitate Juveniles

                      Juveniles who engage in serious misconduct - such as public fighting, drug use or gambling - but who may be exempt from punishment because of their age will receive rehabilitative treatment by police, a draft revision said.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-22 11:15

                      China Introduces Product Plan of Commercial Carrier Rockets

                      China Rocket Co Ltd released its commercial carrier rockets research and development plan in Beijing on Saturday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-21 11:31

                      DVDs Recording China's National Day Celebrations Hit Shelves

                      DVDs and USBs recording China's National Day celebrations, including a gathering at Tian'anmen Square, a military parade, a civilian parade and an evening gala, have hit shelves across China.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-21 11:30

                      Vice-premier Stresses Sound Development of VR Industry

                      Vice-Premier Liu He on Saturday called for efforts to promote the sound development of the VR industry.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-21 11:29

                      Central Bank Head Says Yuan Rate 'Broadly Stable'

                      Chinese currency has a stable foundation, according to senior officials and analysts, and they believe a prudent monetary policy is best for China to deal with domestic and external economic issues.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-21 11:28

                      China Prepares for Space Station Construction

                      China is preparing for the upcoming high-density space missions to construct China's space station, and the Long March-5B carrier rocket, set to launch capsules for the space station, is expected to make its maiden flight in 2020.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-18 10:32

                      Design Special Mobile Phones for Student Use: Parental Survey

                      Some 61.3 percent of interviewed parents said that there should be specially-designed mobile phones for students at primary and middle schools, according to a survey launched by the social survey center of China Youth Daily.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-18 10:31

                      Chinese Military to Enhance Auditing

                      China's Central Military Commission (CMC) issued a directive to improve auditing on the armed forces in the new era, said a statement from the military Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-18 10:30

                      China Revises Professional Standards to Expand Elderly Caregivers Workforce

                      China issued a new set of professional standards for elderly caregivers to encourage more people to join the understaffed workforce.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-18 10:29

                      China to Raise Land Use Efficiency in Rural Areas: Ministry

                      China has said it will raise the use efficiency of residential land and idle houses in rural areas, according to a notice released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-17 10:39

                      First License for Drone Delivery Test-running Granted in E China

                      China's first license for the test-running of drone deliveries has been granted to Antwork Technology, a drone delivery company based in eastern province of Zhejiang, by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-17 10:37

                      Tibet Launches Supportive Policies for Winter Tourism

                      Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region launched a series of supportive policies for winter tourism on Tuesday, according to the region's tourism development department.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-17 10:36

                      Land Reforms Upgrade Industrial Structure, Boost Farmers' Incomes

                      Land reform projects in Deqing, a county in Huzhou, Zhejiang province, have boosted farmers' incomes and helped industrial upgrading in the county.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-17 10:35

                      Civil Service Still Appeals As Applications Up on 1st Day

                      China's civil servant exam saw 86,456 people on the first day of online applications, 16,700 applicants more than last year, according to Huatu Education, an agency that offers coaching services to applicants.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-16 15:51

                      China's Transportation Sector Maintains Steady Growth in September

                      China's transportation industry has expanded steadily in September as an index measuring the vitality of the sector remained at a high level, according to the China Academy of Transportation Sciences.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-16 09:51

                      New Species of Marine Insect Recorded in China

                      Chinese researchers have discovered a new species of marine insect from the Hermatobatidae family in the Xisha Islands in the South China Sea, marking the first time the insect was recorded in China.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-16 09:49

                      Xinjiang to Build First Plateau Airport

                      Chinese authorities have approved the project of building the first plateau airport in Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-16 09:47

                      Inbound Tourism Bouncing back to New High, Report Says

                      China's inbound tourism has revived since 2015 after experiencing a downturn in recent years, but its potential has yet to be fully realized due to a stringent visa policy, imperfect tourism facilities and a homogenization of tour packages being offered,

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-16 09:45

                      Initial Research on Rocket Ends Successfully

                      The preliminary research on China's new generation of manned spacecraft-carrying rocket has concluded successfully, paving the way for the program's next steps, according to China Space News, the flagship newspaper in the country's space industry.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-15 10:01

                      Xuelong Completed Overhaul, Ready for Antarctic Expedition

                      China's research icebreaker Xuelong, or Snow Dragon, has returned to Shanghai after a recent complete overhaul, ready for the country's upcoming 36th Antarctic expedition, according to the Ministry of Natural Resources Monday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-15 09:59

                      China Will Intensify Cooperation to Ensure Food Security

                      China will intensify international cooperation with other countries to jointly fight hunger and ensure global food security, said a white paper released on Monday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-15 09:57

                      China's Electronic Information Manufacturing Sees Revenue Growth in Jan-Aug

                      Revenue of China's electronic information manufacturing industry rose 5 percent year-on-year in the first eight months of 2019.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-15 09:55

                      PLA Air Force Event to Showcase Latest Capabilities in Warfare

                      The People's Liberation Army Air Force will host a five-day open-house activity starting on Thursday in Changchun, Jilin province, to mark the 70th anniversary of its founding.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-14 10:39

                      China Vows to Upgrade Energy Production, Consumption, Ensure Energy Security

                      China will promote the transformation and upgrading of energy production and consumption, and safeguard energy security in a bid to improve people's livelihood, according to a meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang on Friday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-14 10:32

                      Travelers Steering Clear of the Beaten Track

                      After months of planning, a newlywed couple in Beijing is taking a honeymoon in Europe that they planned themselves.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-14 10:30

                      Political Advisors Discuss Measures to Boost Employment

                      Chinese political advisors gathered Friday to brainstorm measures to boost the country's employment during a biweekly session in Beijing.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-14 10:27

                      China's Agricultural Product Wholesale Prices Surge

                      Wholesale prices of China's agricultural products went up Friday, according to a report released by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-12 12:21

                      Premier Urges Wider Access in Oil Sector

                      Premier Li Keqiang called on Friday for further widening of market access in the energy sector, especially for oil and gas exploration and exploitation, and the development of pipeline networks, to encourage more participation from market players.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-12 12:20

                      New Aircraft Engine Gets Civil Aviation Certificate in China

                      Aircraft engine WZ16, a type of turboshaft engine jointly developed by Chinese and French aviation companies, has received a certificate from the Civil Aviation Administration of China, according to its developer Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-12 12:17

                      Fireball Meteor Streaks across NE China Sky

                      A fireball meteor was seen in Northeast China's provinces including Jilin, Liaoning and Heilongjiang in Friday's wee hours, with no casualties or property loss yet reported.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-12 12:15

                      Pilot National Parks Make Progress in Ecological Protection

                      All of China's 10 pilot national parks will have finished construction next year, with some parks having made significant achievements in ecological and wildlife protection, the forestry department announced on Thursday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-11 11:05

                      Innovation Urged to Boost Greater Bay Area Growth

                      The fifth Greater Bay Area Conference on Thursday in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region focused on the concept of Inclusive growth through innovation and sustainability as well as regional integration.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-11 11:00

                      China Ready to Hit Target in 2020 for Emissions

                      China has slashed levels of pollution from its thermal power plants over the past five years and is on track to meet a key emissions goal for 2020, according to a new study.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-10 11:10

                      Govt Institutions Open up Facilities to Tourists

                      An increasing number of government institutions are opening up their parking spaces and facilities free to tourists during holidays.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-10 11:09

                      Temperatures Drop Nationwide, Rainfall in South

                      Temperatures will continue to drop nationwide and heavy rain will hit South and Southwest China until Oct 18 due to cold air combining with warm, humid air.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-10 11:07

                      Easier Border Crossings Help Vietnamese Workers

                      Every morning, Beilun Bridge swarms with thousands of Vietnamese commuters passing through the Dongxing border port on their way to work in China.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-10 11:06

                      Chinese Scientists Discover Rare Cambrian Fossils

                      Scientists have discovered well-preserved fossils of Cambrian arthropod Sidneyia in East China's Shandong province, which is believed to be the first time that the genus has been found outside of Laurentia.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-09 10:56

                      Xuelong 2 to Berth in Shenzhen and Welcome Visitors

                      China's first domestically-built polar icebreaker Xuelong 2, will berth in Shenzhen Shekou Cruise Homeport from Oct 13 to 15 and open to the public for one and a half days

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-09 10:54

                      Beijing Horticultural Expo to Lower Its Curtain on Wednesday

                      The 2019 Beijing International Horticultural Expo, lasting for 162 days since it kicked off on April 28, will come to an end after a closing ceremony on Wednesday, a senior official with the expo's organizing committee said on Tuesday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-09 10:52

                      Japan, Thailand Still Top Overseas Holiday Choices

                      Japan and Thailand remained the top two popular overseas destinations for Chinese travelers in the just completed weeklong National Day holiday, and Chinese travelers emphasized leisure over shopping in those countries, travel agencies reported.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-09 10:51

                      Tourism Revenue Reaches 650b Yuan during 7-day Holiday

                      During the seven-day National Day holiday that ended on Monday, residents of Chongqing received text messages from the local public security bureau and tourism committee suggesting that they avoid popular scenic spots to ease traffic and make room for vis

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-08 11:07

                      China to Build 127 Key Special Railway Lines by 2020

                      China will plan and construct 127 key special railway lines by 2020, according to the National Development and Reform Commission.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-08 09:30

                      China's Road Cargo Transport Grows in January-August

                      BEIJING -- China's road cargo transport saw steady growth in the first eight months of 2019, official data showed.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-08 09:26

                      FAST Closely Monitoring Unknown Repetitive Fast Radio Burst

                      GUIYANG - Chinese scientists are paying close attention to a repeating fast radio burst by making follow-up observations during the country's National Day holiday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-08 09:23

                      China's Research Vessel Sets Sail for Western Pacific Ocean

                      QINGDAO - China's research vessel KEXUE, or Science, departed for the western Pacific Ocean Thursday from a pier of East China's coastal city of Qingdao on a research mission of the National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-05 21:38

                      Many World Leaders Add Personal Salutes to Nation on Anniversary

                      Current and former leaders of foreign countries and international organizations have sent congratulatory messages to President Xi Jinping to convey their best wishes on the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-10-05 21:34

                      China's Railways Work to Navigate National Day Holiday Travel Peak

                      BEIJING - China's railways are striving to ensure the safety of all passengers during the National Day holiday travel peak.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-05 21:26

                      China's Greater Bay Area Busy Laying Foundation for Innovation

                      GUANGZHOU -- Hong Kong man Andy Ng was surprised his shared workspace Timetable was rented out completely only six months after it had started operation in Guangzhou, capital of South China's Guangdong province.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-05 21:19

                      China Reports Record National Day Railway Passenger Trips

                      BEIJING - China saw more railway passenger trips made Tuesday than any single day during the previous National Day holidays as more people choose to travel by train.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-03 15:31

                      China's National Day Evening Gala Is Held in Beijing

                      BEIJING -- A grand evening gala marking the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China started at Tian'anmen Square in downtown Beijing Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua/chinadaily.com.cn|2019-10-02 15:40

                      Xi Reviews Armed Forces on National Day

                      President Xi Jinping reviewed the armed forces at the heart of Beijing Tuesday morning, his first on National Day, to mark the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-10-01 19:13

                      China Identifies Remains of Korean War Soldiers

                      China on Sunday identified six Chinese soldiers killed in the 1950-53 Korean War whose remains were reburied in their homeland after being returned from the Republic of Korea (ROK).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-30 10:45

                      Xinjiang Improving Drinking Water Supply for Rural Population

                      Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region provided access to drinking water for more than 264,000 people in rural areas by August, according to the region's water resources department.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-30 10:43

                      National Day Weather will Be Generally Good, Cold Expected to Hit Some Areas

                      Weather in most parts of China during the National Day holiday from Oct 1 to 7 will generally be good and suitable for outdoor activities, the National Meteorological Center said on Sunday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-30 10:42

                      Belt, Road Journalists Form Win-win Network

                      The Belt and Road Journalists Network and its first presidium were founded at the 2019 Belt and Road Journalists Forum in Beijing on Saturday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-30 10:39

                      Chinese Satellite 'Monkey King' Sheds New Light on Origin of Cosmic Rays

                      A Chinese satellite, nicknamed Monkey King, is not only searching for the invisible dark matter, but also exploring the origin of the cosmic rays, high energy particles that travel through space at nearly the speed of light.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-29 09:49

                      China to Strengthen Traffic Network in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region

                      China will build a comprehensive traffic network in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, slashing the travel time between neighboring cities to 1.5 hours, a transport official said Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-29 09:47

                      China's Grain Output to Remain over 650 B Kg in 2019

                      China's grain output is expected to remain above 650 billion kg for a fifth straight year in 2019, a senior official said Friday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-29 09:45

                      250,000 Tibetans Relocated to New Homes in Anti-poverty Fight

                      Nearly 250,000 people in Tibet have moved into 910 new settlements as part of poverty alleviation efforts by August, according to the region's poverty-relief headquarters.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-29 09:44

                      Job Market Sees Gains as Fears of Slowdown Rise

                      The Chinese job market has shown resilience, adding 9.84 million jobs in the first eight months of this year, an official said on Thursday, even as fears grew globally for an economic slowdown.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-27 11:08

                      China to Release Another 10,000 Tons of Pork from Reserves

                      Chinese authorities announced on Thursday plans to release more pork from its central reserves to ensure market supply for the upcoming National Day Holiday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-27 11:06

                      Inner Mongolia to Spur Innovation in Efforts to Combat Desertification

                      The Inner Mongolia autonomous region will encourage innovative ways to control desertification and contribute its experiences to more regions in the country as well as around the world.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-27 11:04

                      Tibet's Science and Technology Progress over the Past Six Decades

                      China's Tibet autonomous region has seen significant progress in science and technology over the past 60 years since the launch of the region's democratic reform in 1959, China Tibet News has reported.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-27 11:02

                      China Launches First Amphibious Assault Ship

                      China's first amphibious assault ship was launched in Shanghai on Wednesday, coming closer to the completion of its construction project.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-26 11:02

                      Chinese Scientists Reconstruct Chang'e-4 Probe's Landing on Moon's Far Side

                      Chinese scientists have reconstructed the descent trajectory of the Chang'e-4 lunar probe and determined its precise landing site on the far side of the moon in a move that could bolster further deep space exploration.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-26 11:00

                      Modern Technologies Improve Efficiency at Airport

                      Beijing Daxing International Airport has embraced multiple new technologies to make it smarter and more efficient.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-26 10:58

                      China Sets Key Tasks for Building National Strength in Transportation

                      China has underlined a series of key tasks for building national strength in transportation in a published official document, officials said Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-26 10:57

                      Maritime Rescue Center Operational in South China

                      A maritime rescue center was put into operation in the southern Chinese city of Zhuhai on Tuesday, to better protect navigation and transport safety in nearby waters.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-25 10:12

                      China Launches New Satellite for Environment Detection

                      China sent a new satellite into planned orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China's Gobi Desert on Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-25 10:10

                      Beijing's Massive New Airport to Open

                      Beijing's new mega-airport opens on Wednesday, welcoming its first passengers after five years of construction.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-25 10:07

                      Jiuzhaigou to Reopen after 2017 Quake

                      Jiuzhaigou, a scenic area in Sichuan province on the UNESCO World Natural Heritage list, will reopen on Friday after having fixed damage caused by a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in 2017.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-25 10:04

                      China's Lunar Rover Discovers Mysterious Substance on Moon's Far Side

                      China's lunar rover Yutu-2, or Jade Rabbit-2, discovered an unidentified substance in an impact crater on the far side of the moon.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-24 17:16

                      Rules for Online Accommodation Published

                      The country's first specifications for online accommodation platforms was released on Monday in Beijing, in an effort to improve online accommodation services, protect rights and interests of consumers and strengthen self-discipline of the platforms, acco

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-24 10:21

                      Ceremony Signals It's Time to Grab Some Crab

                      With a ceremony held on Monday morning for the first harvest of hairy crabs from Yangcheng Lake came the long-awaited annual season for eating the freshwater crustaceans.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-24 10:12

                      China's Grain Output Rises Nearly 6 Times in 70 Years

                      China will have another harvest of grains provided there are no major natural disasters this autumn, said an agriculture official, as the country's grain output last year reached 657.89 million tons, almost 6 times that of 1949.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-24 10:10

                      HK Tour Guides Rush for Practice Permit in Hengqin

                      More than 500 tour guides and leaders from Hong Kong and Macao have applied for special certificates for practicing in the Hengqin New Area in Zhuhai, next door to Macao, since the new policy was announced by the Guangdong government last week.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-24 10:09

                      China Sends Two Beidou Satellites into Space

                      China launched a Long March 3B carrier rocket to place two Beidou navigation satellites into space on Monday morning, according to the China Satellite Navigation Office.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-23 16:24

                      China's Electric Vehicle Charging Posts Continue Steady Growth

                      The number of charging posts for new energy vehicles in China continued steady growth thanks to the robust development of the country's green transportation, data from China Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Promotion Alliance showed.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-23 10:13

                      Panda Base Limits Visitors during National Day Holidays

                      Visitors to the Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding will have to book tickets online during National Day holidays, according to a circular issued by the base Sunday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-23 10:12

                      Xinjiang Invests Heavily in Poor Counties

                      Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region has allocated 23.6 billion yuan ($3.33 billion) of agriculture-related funds to its poverty-stricken counties, local authorities have said.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-23 10:10

                      China Earmarks 10b Yuan for Ecological Restoration Projects

                      China has allocated 10 billion yuan (about $1.4 billion) designated for funding pilot ecological conservation and restoration projects this year, the Ministry of Finance said Friday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-23 10:08

                      Chinese Satellite Tests Space-based Gravitational Wave Detection Technologies

                      A recently-launched Chinese satellite has conducted in-orbit experiments on the key technologies related to space-based gravitational wave detection, the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) announced on Friday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-21 09:46

                      Chinese Researchers Conduct in Situ Measurement of Lunar Dust

                      Chinese researchers have successfully conducted an in situ measurement of lunar dust at the landing site of the country's Chang'e-3 probe.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-21 09:44

                      China Pledges Support for Poverty Reduction Projects Using Internet

                      China will support projects on poverty reduction using the internet as a further step to win the battle against poverty, the National Development and Reform Commission said on its website.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-21 09:42

                      100-mln-year-old Fossilized Dinosaur Footprints Found in China

                      A geological research team announced Friday that they had discovered groups of 100-million-year-old fossils of dinosaur footprints in Northwest China's Shaanxi province.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-21 09:41

                      Red Cross Society Earns Major First Aid Certification

                      The Red Cross Society of China became the first national Red Cross society in the world to receive a major first aid certification from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, which is expected to help promote global

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-20 13:14

                      Smart Security Check System Launched in Guangzhou

                      A smart security check system was put into operation Thursday at the Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport in South China's Guangdong province to speed up the security check process.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-20 10:51

                      China Launches New Remote-sensing Satellites

                      JIUQUAN - Five new remote-sensing satellites were sent into planned orbit from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China's Gobi Desert Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-20 09:24

                      China Publishes White Paper on Progress of Women's Cause in 70 Years

                      BEIJING - China on Thursday issued a white paper on the progress of women's cause in the past 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-20 09:22

                      Beijing's New Airport Going High-tech

                      Travelers will be able to pass through customs inspections faster than ever at the soon-to-be-opened Beijing Daxing International Airport.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-19 11:11

                      Blood Donation Facilities Introduced into Tibet

                      A set of platelet collection facilities have been introduced into Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region. Blood donors started to use the facilities to donate platelets on Wednesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-19 11:10

                      Arctic Voyage Signifies New Shipping Route

                      A vessel run by COSCO Shipping Specialized Carriers Co Ltd and loaded with close to 30,000 metric tons of paper pulp from Helsinki, capital of Finland, arrived in Qingdao, East China's Shandong province, on Tuesday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-19 11:07

                      National Day Holiday Travel Forecast Unveiled

                      Beijing, Changchun in Northeast China's Jilin province, and Leshan in Southwest China's Sichuan province are predicted to be the top 3 cities most prone to traffic congestion during the National Day holiday, according to a travel forecast report.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-19 11:05

                      China Releases Application Guide for Antarctic Travel

                      China's Ministry of Natural Resources has recently released an application guide for tourist activities at the Great Wall station in Antarctica.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-18 11:04

                      Key Components of China's 600 Kph Maglev Train Unveiled

                      CRRC Zhuzhou Locomotive Co., Ltd. unveiled the key components of its magnetic-levitation train with a designed speed of 600 kph in Central China's Hunan province Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-18 10:57

                      New AI-planned Bus Route Launched in Shanghai

                      The first bus route planned through artificial intelligence technology in Shanghai began operation on Monday, bringing commuters a better riding experience with lower charges and less time spent on the road.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-18 10:55

                      China Allocates 665 Million Yuan for Disaster Relief

                      China's Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Emergency Management (MEM) have allocated 665 million yuan (about $94 million) Tuesday to four provinces affected by typhoon Lekima or drought.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-18 10:54

                      Tibet Receives More Tourists during Mid-Autumn Festival Holiday

                      Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region received a total of 910,021 tourists during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival holiday starting Friday, up 18.2 percent year on year, local tourism authorities said Monday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-17 10:59

                      New Terminal Aids Pudong's Flight Services

                      An auxiliary terminal to improve efficiency at Shanghai Pudong International Airport opened on Monday, bringing the city closer to becoming a global aviation hub, said officials from the airport authority.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-17 10:58

                      First Snow Comes Early to Northern City in Heilongjiang

                      China's northernmost city Mohe in Heilongjiang province welcomed the first snow of the coming winter on Sunday, about 25 days earlier than last year, said the local observatory.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-17 10:56

                      Festival Weekend Sees More Short Family Trips

                      Travel agencies reported that short family trips were the highlight of the just completed Mid-Autumn Festival holiday-a traditional Chinese festival for family unions, balancing people's expanding demands for sightseeing and cultural experience within a l

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-17 09:39

                      China's Big Data Sector to Continue Steady Growth: Report

                      China's big data sector will continue to post steady expansion by 2023, driven by policy support and technology integration, said a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC).

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-15 19:02

                      Chinese High-speed Railway Wins Int'l Award

                      CHENGDU -- A high-speed railway in western China has won the award of FIDIC Outstanding Project of the Year, its design company said Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-15 18:46

                      Chinese Astronomers Complete over 71 Percent of Milky Way Observation Project

                      Chinese astronomers have completed about 71.4 percent of a grand project to paint a portrait of the vast Milky Way, according to the Qinghai station of the Purple Mountain Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-15 18:35

                      Beijing Parks Receive over 300,000 Holiday Visitors

                      BEIJING - Beijing parks welcomed more than 300,000 visitors on Friday, the first day of this year's Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, according to local authorities.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-15 18:30

                      China to Take Further Steps to Ensure People's Basic Welfare

                      China's State Council on Wednesday called for enhanced efforts to ensure that people's basic needs are met.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-12 09:56

                      Inbound Tourism Hits Record High in China

                      China's inbound tourism hit a new high last year after a decade-long downturn, according to a World Tourism Alliance and Kulv Data Marketing report published in Beijing on Thursday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-12 09:55

                      Tian'anmen Square to Close on Weekend for Celebration Rehearsal

                      Tian'anmen Square in the center of Beijing will be temporarily closed on Saturday and Sunday for the second rehearsal of the celebrations of the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China, authorities said.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-12 09:53

                      BRI Lauded by Experts at World Forum

                      The Second Shanghai Forum on the Belt and Road Initiative was held on Wednesday in Shanghai amid the Eighth World Forum on China Studies, bringing together 60 international experts to discuss the promotion of high-quality Belt and Road Initiative partners

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-12 09:51

                      Event Highlights China's Human Rights

                      An exhibition showcasing China's progress in human rights opened at the United Nations' main office in Geneva, Switzerland, on Monday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-11 09:48

                      China's Giant Telescope Picks up Mysterious Signals from Deep Space

                      Chinese astronomers have detected repeated fast radio bursts (FRB) - mysterious signals believed to be from a source about 3 billion light years from Earth - with the largest and most sensitive radio telescope ever built.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-11 09:47

                      Temporary License Restrictions to Be Relaxed

                      China will simplify the application process for the licensing of temporary inbound vehicles, and temporary driving licenses for overseas people, the Ministry of Public Security said on Tuesday.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-11 09:45

                      China to Permit Car Registration Service at Vehicle Retailers

                      China will allow motor vehicle retailers to provide license plate number selection and car registration services, according to the Ministry of Public Security Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-11 09:43

                      Landmark Bridge on Yangtze River Counts down to Completion

                      The Yangtze River, the world's third longest waterway, is expecting a new landmark as construction counts down toward completion of the widest bridge on the river.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-10 09:33

                      First Rehearsal for National Day Celebrations Concludes

                      The first joint rehearsal for the upcoming National Day celebrations ended early Sunday morning in Beijing, about three weeks ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC), which falls on Oct 1.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-10 09:32

                      Shanghai Airport Expansion Nears Completion

                      The expansion of the third phase of Shanghai Pudong International Airport is about to be completed as the launch of the world's largest single-building satellite hall on Sept 16 approaches, official sources said.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-10 09:30

                      Foreign Airlines Encouraged to Consider New Beijing Airport

                      The Civil Aviation Administration of China encourages overseas airlines to open international flights to Beijing Daxing International Airport, which will begin operations before Sept 30, whether going all-in or operating in Beijing's two airports, a senio

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-10 09:29

                      Chinese Scientist Wins Nigeria's Top Science Award

                      A Chinese scientist, together with his Nigerian research partner, won Nigeria's most prestigious science award on Wednesday for their outstanding contribution to scientific and technological innovation, the award advisory board announced here.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-06 09:53

                      China Starts Mapping Standards for 5G-based Hospitals

                      Key Chinese hospitals, leading telecom carriers and Huawei Wednesday launched a project to establish standards for 5G-based networks in hospitals.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-06 09:52

                      Beijing-Xiongan Intercity Railway Starts Test Runs

                      The Beijing section of the intercity railway linking Beijing with Xiongan New Area started test runs Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-06 09:51

                      Daxing Airport will Be Flight Ready on Sept 15

                      Beijing Daxing International Airport will be qualified to handle flights on Sept 15, taking a big step forward toward its official opening before Sept 30, according to the airport authority on Wednesday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-06 09:50

                      China Builds High-speed Railway Connecting Tourist Spots

                      The track-laying job on a new high-speed railway linking Chengdu and Guiyang in Southwest China has been completed, said the construction firm Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-05 10:31

                      China to Build Lab for Radioactive Waste Disposal

                      Work will soon begin on a potential site for a lab to accommodate China's radioactive waste.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-05 10:29

                      Pig Farmers Get Support to Reduce Financial Pressures

                      China plans to boost financial support for pig farmers to stabilize production after the spread of African swine fever has reduced herds in the country.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-05 10:26

                      UN Envoys from 8 Countries Visit Xinjiang

                      A delegation of UN envoys from eight countries has visited Northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region to gain a better understanding of the region's achievements from de-radicalization to poverty eradication.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-05 10:25

                      Governor Says Future Rests with Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area

                      Development of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area will be a major priority for the provincial government, according to Guangdong Governor Ma Xingrui.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-04 10:10

                      Tian'anmen Square to Close on Weekend for Celebration Preparation

                      Beijing's Tian'anmen Square will be temporarily closed from Saturday evening to Sunday morning to facilitate preparations for the celebration of the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China, authorities said.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-04 10:08

                      World's First Red Cross Academy Established in China

                      The first Red Cross academy in the world, jointly built by the Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) and Soochow University, has been established in Suzhou, East China's Jiangsu province, according to the RCSC.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-04 10:07

                      China to Raise Retail Fuel Prices

                      China will raise the retail prices of gasoline and diesel from Wednesday, the country's top economic planner said Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-04 10:06

                      Major Section of Support Infrastructure Finished at New Beijing Int'l Airport

                      China Railway 24th Bureau Group, a Shanghai-based construction and engineering firm, has finished and delivered a major section of support infrastructure for the Beijing Daxing International Airport, according to a statement from the company.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-03 10:35

                      Guangxi Looking to Benefit from Ecological Civilization

                      Known for its lush natural scenery, the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region aims to better benefit from its pristine setting, Lu Xinshe, Party secretary of the region, said at a news conference in Beijing on Monday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-03 10:34

                      Railway Police Seize 11,775 Fugitives during Summer Vacation

                      Chinese railway police captured 11,775 fugitives during the summer vacation travel rush that ended Saturday, said the Ministry of Public Security Sunday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-03 10:32

                      Kunming May Ban Loud Noises on Subway Trains

                      Kunming, capital of Yunnan province, is mulling whether to punish subway passengers who make a lot of noise, including playing loud music.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-09-03 10:31

                      Shanghai Launches AI Investment Fund

                      Shanghai on Saturday launched an artificial intelligence investment fund to support the city's pledge to build a first-class AI innovative ecosystem by 2021.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-02 10:21

                      China's Legal Profession Admission Exam Draws 606,700 Candidates

                      A total of 606,700 people have signed up for the first phase of testing of China's unified qualification exam for legal professionals this year, according to the Ministry of Justice.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-02 10:11

                      Greater Bay Area's First Radio Station Goes to Air

                      China's first national radio station dedicated to residents of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area launched Sunday morning.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-09-02 10:10

                      Shanghai Builds Memorial Hall for First CPC Congress

                      Construction started Saturday on a memorial hall for the first National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in Shanghai.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-09-02 10:09

                      China's FAST Telescope Identifies 93 Pulsars

                      China's Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST), the world's largest single-dish radio telescope, has identified 93 new pulsars since October 2017, the research team announced Friday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-08-31 10:03

                      China's KZ-1A Rocket Launches Two Satellites

                      Two satellites for technological experiments were sent into space by a Kuaizhou-1A, or KZ-1A, carrier rocket from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in northwest China on Saturday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-08-31 10:02

                      Beijing's New Airport Completes Dry Run

                      Beijing Daxing International Airport completed its largest official comprehensive test on Friday, marking steady progress toward the start of commercial operations by the end of September.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-08-31 10:00

                      China and Germany Pledge to Intensify Security Cooperation

                      China and Germany will continue to intensify cooperation in the security sphere to meet the growing regional and global security challenges, said top officials from the security sectors in both countries.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-08-31 09:59

                      China Constructs New Production Base for Key Material Used in 5G Base Stations

                      China has started to build a new production base for soft copper clad laminate, one of the key components used in the construction of 5G base stations, in Jiangyin, East China's Jiangsu province, according to the Science and Technology Daily Thursday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-08-30 11:05

                      China to Improve Delivery Services in Rural Areas

                      Rural residents will have better access to online shopping once all of China's villages have convenient connections to delivery services, according to the country's transportation regulator.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-08-30 11:04

                      HK Police Invited for National Day Celebrations in Beijing

                      About 10 Hong Kong police officers have been invited to join the celebrations for the 70th founding anniversary of the People's Republic of China in Beijing on Oct1, National Day.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-08-30 11:02

                      China Allocates 30 B Yuan to Help Rural People Settle in Cities

                      China's Ministry of Finance (MOF) has allocated 30 billion yuan (about $4.2 billion) to help rural people settle in cities in the latest urbanization push.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-08-29 11:35

                      Shanghai Announces New Health Measures

                      Shanghai on Wednesday unveiled 100 public health measures aimed at building it into a world-class healthy city by 2030.

                      Source: chinadaily.com.cn|2019-08-29 11:34

                      Advanced Guidance System Verified in Beijing's New Airport

                      China's self-developed docking guidance system has completed the first verification test in low visibility conditions at the new Beijing Daxing International Airport, according to its developer.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-08-29 11:32

                      Shanghai to Host Next WorldSkills Games

                      The flag of a major international skills event was handed over to Shanghai at the closing ceremony of the 45th WorldSkills Competition in Kazan, Russia, on Tuesday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-08-29 11:31

                      55.58-bln-yuan Deals Signed at 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo

                      Investment deals worth 55.58 billion yuan ($7.85 billion) were reached during the 12th China-Northeast Asia Expo, which concluded Tuesday in Changchun, capital of northeast China's Jilin province.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-08-28 11:24

                      China Steps up Disaster Control amid Wetter Flood Season

                      Heavy floods have hit many parts of China since the start of the flood season due to severe rainfall this year, and preparations should be made for flood control in autumn, an official said Tuesday.

                      Source: Xinhua|2019-08-28 11:23

                      Low Visibility Test Flights Successful at Daxing Airport

                      Test flights in low visibility conditions were completed at the new Beijing Daxing International Airport on Monday evening, paving the way for it to be operational before Sept 30, according to the country's civil aviation regulator.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-08-28 11:21

                      Global Lawyers Forum to Be Held in Guangzhou

                      China will host the Global Lawyers Forum from Dec 9 to 10 in Guangzhou, Guangdong province, the All China Lawyers Association said on Tuesday.

                      Source: China Daily|2019-08-28 11:20

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